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Bridal Expert Reveals 10 Common Mistakes Brides Make When Choosing Their Wedding Gown

Bridal Expert Reveals 10 Common Mistakes Brides Make When Choosing Their Wedding Gown

#1 Unrealistically Insisting On Wearing A Wedding Gown

Before you insist on choosing a particular wedding gown, you have to consider many factors such as the type of wedding venue, the comfort levels of the gown and many more. For example, you might be considering wearing a long sleeved gown that comes with a satin skirt, like this wedding gown below.

bridal gown singapore

But if you are marrying outdoors in Singapore, you can be assured that you will spend the whole wedding feeling angst as buckets (note that the word’ beads’ isn’t used) of perspiration pour down your back as you frown under the sweltering heat. Instead of glowing with radiance, you might find yourself going through a slow roast and there will be a layer of shine glued over your complexion.

That’s a sure way to capture the most beautiful photos.

Credits: Reddit

#2 Choosing A Wedding Gown That Simply Doesn’t Fit

Often, brides tend to think that they are fat because they are unable to fit in a wedding gown or how the outcome of it is far from their expectations.

First of all, stop beating yourself for not ‘looking as good’. It is absolutely alright to not be able to fit into a wedding gown. Just because a wedding gown complements a bride’s figure doesn’t necessarily mean the same for you. Why is this so? Simply because every bride has a different body shape and proportions!

Also, it is normal that a certain wedding gown cut looks better on you as compared to other brides too. So don’t be so hard on yourself just because you don’t ‘fit’ in a wedding gown the way you have envisioned.

#3 And Then Going On A Crash Diet

Because of the intense fear of not fitting well in a wedding gown, it is very tempting to go into a crash diet, restricting all forms of carbohydrates and ‘fattening’ food.

Sure you might be able to shed a fair amount of weight within a short time, but the results are never good at ALL times. When a person loses weight too rapidly, the skin is unable to ‘shrink’ in time with the loss of weight, resulting in saggy skin. At the same time, brides who undergo an extremely strict diet not only end up feeling miserable, their overall complexion, energy levels and health take a nosedive as well.

Instead of completely cutting food off (which is impossible with all the delicious food in Singapore), you can opt to stock up healthier snacks and food, while giving yourself a cheat day to indulge in your favourite sinful snack. You can consider going on a juice diet for a month to fully detox your body. Not only will you be less tempted to munch on unhealthy snacks, but your skin will glow as the toxins in your body are being purged out. However, it is best to consult the doctor before attempting any form of diet.

Credits: Tumblr

#4 Completely Not Caring About Colour Of Their Wedding Gown/Evening Dress

The fatal mistake in selecting a wedding gown or even an evening dress is always selecting them in an unsuitable shade!

One of the biggest contributing component to the mismatch of colours is not selecting a shade that complements the skin undertone! For example, brides with warmer skin undertone look better in a off white wedding gown while brides with a cooler skin undertone look better in a pure white wedding gown! Doing the opposite will only make the bride appear more washed out and trust us, no amount of make up can alter that.

Another aspect to consider is the hair colour. Although Singaporean brides are usually born with dark brown or jet black hair, some brides do dye their hair to another colour, such as brown or red. Hence, it is important to select an evening gown that suit your hair colour as well. For example, if you have red hair, it wouldn’t look great to wear a green evening dress UNLESS you are intending to look like Poison Ivy from Marvel Comics!

#5 Trying On Way Too Many Gowns

It seems like a dream come true to wear several wedding gowns, twirling in every wedding gown and feeling like an absolutely princess.

Credits: Tumblr

Little do brides know how exhausting to wear in and out of different bridal gowns. At the same time, it takes a huge amount of time to slip out and wearing another wedding gown.

What’s more, trying on too many wedding gowns doesn’t allow you to be closer to selecting the right wedding gown. Rather, it usually confuses the bride from choosing the one that makes her the most confident. It is advisable to stick between trying four to seven wedding gowns if you can. Also, shortlist some styles that you may prefer. This leads us to the next point…

#6 Not Doing Any Homework

Not knowing the kind of wedding gown will definitely prolong the process of selecting the wedding gown! You don’t have to know the exact design of wedding gown you wish to have but it is advisable to have some ideas so that the time won’t be wasted on discovering your own style.

Instead of finding a needle in a haystack, get to understand your preferences are by flipping through bridal magazines, browsing through Pinterest and Tumblr of bridal-worthy pictures and so forth during your commute to work or even during lunch hours. Not only will you be more knowledgable on the different types of wedding gown designs and cuts, you will be able to eliminate choices that you know you will definitely not wear on your wedding day.

Besides, it is fun to do such homework as compared to the tasks at work right? (Still, please complete the tasks at work.)

Credits: Tumblr

#7 Not Being Open To Professional Advice

There are two kinds of people you will meet when you are choosing a wedding gown.

The first kind is the kind who will tell you how beautiful you are, no matter how awful you look in any wedding gown. The second kind is the kind who will tell you the truth and suggest another design that will look better on you. Professional advice happens to belong in the latter.

Credits: The Box Troll

It is true that everybody, including brides, like to hear nice things. But, professional advice comes with a fair bit of hard truths that might be uncomfortable to listen to. But it isn’t all that bad! It is better to have been told that you could look better in another wedding gown way before the wedding instead of having your wedding guests, especially the nosy relatives you will avoid when you see them in public, informing you on how bad you look.

Unless your bridal expert is your greatest enemy, do be open to advice and not be offended when they tell you that you don’t look great in certain wedding gown! They genuinely want you to look your best and definitely bear no ill intention.

#7 Starting Too Early Into Selecting Their Wedding Gown

If you have yet to have a general idea of how you want your wedding to be like, then don’t get too excited and start selecting your wedding gown straightaway. For example, you may caught your eye on a wedding gown that has beautiful intricate details and embellishments. Once you wear it, you feel that you could be like Kate Middleton and you find yourself hopelessly in love with this particular wedding gown.

But what if you decide to host your wedding at an outdoor venue? The wedding gown you have selected looks much more amazing (and compatible) if the wedding is held at a grand ballroom. On the other hand, it will way over-the-top (and out of place) if your wedding is held at Tanjong Beach Club!

#8 Trying To Please Your Partner All The Time

Of course, your groom should love your wedding gown (not as much as how they are in love with you), but you are the one wearing the wedding gown. What’s way more important is feeling that the wedding gown is a perfect fit in terms of your style, requirements and so forth.

#9 Accessorizing Way Too Early

Credits: Debt

Shopping for accessories are a fun activity for most brides but never, and I repeat, never ever start shopping for bridal accessories before selecting your wedding gown.

Think about it. You only wear a wedding gown once (hopefully) and you can afford to wear your bridal accessories for other formal occasions or even just a date with your groom. If you have gotten ready the accessories for the wedding, you are only hindering yourself from finding the right wedding gown! In fact, you would most likely pick a wedding gown that complements your accessories, and it doesn’t make much sense since your wedding guests are most likely to look at what you are wearing and not that diamond pendant necklace you bought from Tiffany and Co..

#10 Being A Total Slave To Current Fashion Trends

Lets face it. There were certain trends in the past that made no sense (remember the days of wearing sagging pants?) and should be banished from this face of the earth. Therefore, a fantastic wedding gown shouldn’t always be according to current trends. Rather, it should be timeless and classic.

Imagine if you had worn a wedding gown from the 1985. Back then it might have seemed great and fashionable but after many years, you (and your grandchildren) might be laughing at how hideous you looked back then!

Besides, it is okay to not cover the latest wedding gown trends. What’s more important is that it suits you and that you are absolutely in love with it, much than how you are in love with your groom! Although that is permitted for a short moment 😉


There are many other mistakes brides have made when it comes to choosing their wedding gown but then again, it is okay to commit some of them! After all, choosing a wedding gown is an exciting affair! Just that, there are many ways to eliminate the unnecessary stress.

And once you are done with the wedding gown, you can sit back, relax and down a few bottles of beer (but go easy on them! They will make you bloat up.)

Credits: Jesse Lynch

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