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Bridal Experts Reveal The Top 7 Tips To Have The Perfect Singapore Wedding Photography

Bridal Experts Reveal The Top 7 Tips To Have The Perfect Singapore Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is one of the most important part that you should not miss before your wedding day. Are you ready to take a day off for your wedding photography in Singapore? Excitement fills your heart, but we have created the seven tips on how you can have a perfect wedding photoshoot and lovely photos that will last for a life time.

singapore outdoor wedding photography

  1. Think about the theme for your love story.

Themes like vintage, casual and elegant wedding love story themes are popular in a typical  wedding photography in Singapore. The first step is to choose the perfect one for you and your partner. Make sure that you both like it so that you’ll have a fun pre-wedding photoshoot and to avoid any argument about it. Ask each other what do you guys prefer! Are you alright to take pictures under the scorching heat (when the daylight looks best in wedding photos), or do you prefer to have your wedding photography indoors where you can enjoy the coolness from the air conditioned environment? You can ask each other about personal preferences, interests and how your love story will relate to your chosen theme.

props-singapore wedding photography

  1. Prepare for the props of your theme for the photoshoot.

Wedding photography is not complete without the right wedding props.Usually, couples bring along a set of wedding props that complement the style they want to achieve for their wedding photography in. The props that you’re going to use will depend on which love story them that you will choose. For vintage pre-wedding photography, prepare some vintage pieces and accessories. It would also be great if you bring a flower bouquet, which would usually go well with any kind of theme for your wedding photography. If you are able to, perhaps you can bring along your favourite bouquet of blooms that your groom used to propose to you! That would be sweet, wouldn’t it?

poses_singapore wedding photography

  1. Search for different poses and practice them!

One of the most difficult part of a Singapore wedding photography or any other wedding photoshoot is how to execute the best poses that are comfortable for you and your partner. While your wedding photographer may guide you with your pose, it is best that you still have some ideas kept in mind. If you have a spontaneous pose that looks particularly difficult to achieve, then it is best for you and your partner to practice them! From there, you will be able to know how to execute them on the day of the wedding photography. Plus, you won’t be wasting time trying to perfect the pose!

singapore wedding

  1. Pick the best location for your wedding photography.

Pre wedding photography locations should be something that you should focus more when it comes to your wedding photography. You can hold your wedding photography at parks, gardens or beaches. Singapore has many gorgeous places and you can pick the best one for your pre-wedding photography depends on the theme that you like.  For nature, the best locations are Southern Ridges, Hort Park, Botanic Gardens, and Ang Siang Hill. If you like beaches, Sentosa, in general, has so many gorgeous beaches. If you are looking for an urban landscape,  you can check out Marina Bay Sands or the famous CBD area! What’s more important is that the both of have to search for the best wedding photography locations that you and your partner are agreeable on.

photography_wedding photography

  1. Hire a professional wedding photographer.

Wedding photographer is one of the most important people who can give you the best wedding memories. Therefore, hiring a professional wedding photographer is a must-do as they are most likely to have the experience to take the best wedding photos that document your love story. It is ideal to work with a wedding photographer who has a superb portfolio and makes you feel comfortable at the same time. To achieve that, you could take a look at your professional photographer’s portfolio and see if they match your requirements. You can also ask about his or her artistic styles when it comes to a wedding photography. Talk to them so that you’ll feel comfortable working with them.

singapore_wedding photography

  1. Stay happy and relaxed.

Your emotions can affect the results of your wedding photos. Always find time to relax before your Singapore wedding photography so that you and your partner can have the sweetest smile during that day. Enjoy the moment while looking in love and healthy on your photos. Practice different poses which you both can do but avoid the poses that might pose as a danger. Have fun!

06072016_wedding photography

  1. Get your pre-wedding photoshoot wardrobe ready!

Aside of photographing the most emotion-evoking photos during your wedding photography, it is important to ensure that your pre wedding photography wardrobe includes outfits that help you achieve the above.

Let’s say you’re going to shoot outdoors, then you should look for comfortable outfits. Combining with Singapore’s humidity and the thought of dragging a 7kg wedding gown (if you intend to wear a full bridal gown) around will definitely tire any bride. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your bridal gown is altered to fit you so that you don’t have to worry about your gown slipping off during your wedding photography.

layered_wedding gown

It is best to select colours that complement the wedding photographic style. For example, if you intend to have a garden theme, then it is best to go for colours that are muted, such as blush, coral and pastel shades. Alternately, you can go for white wedding gowns for your wedding photography. After all, white can never go wrong!

white_wedding photography singapore

If you don’t have any idea on what you want to wear for your wedding photography, you need not worry about that. At La Belle Couture, every couple is assigned to a bridal specialist, whose main job is to help you choose the right outfit for your wedding photography!

Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services!

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