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Bridal Gown Lucky Colours You Should Be Wearing For Year 2018 Part I

Bridal Gown Lucky Colours You Should Be Wearing For Year 2018 Part I

It is the Lunar New Year festival! With the festival coming up, the next natural thing to think about is the lucky colours! It is believed that wearing the right colours is directly linked to your luck for the year.

If you are a true believer of Feng Shui and getting hitched this year, it would be important to wear a bridal dress of the right colours! This way, it also helps you to narrow down your choices when you choose your bridal gown!

Since year 2018 is the Year of the Dog with the element of Earth, this means that we should preferably dress to complement or enhance this element. Thus, the colours should be aligned and in harmony with the element of Earth.

Read on to find out the lucky colours of the year and what bridal gown designs you can consider for your 2nd march in!

Wedding Gown Lucky Colours 2018 #1: Beige

Over the past few years, the nude colours have been rising in popularity.  Presenting a fresh and refined look, it is a classic colour that will never fail against time. The mixture of nude colours holds a certain femininity to it and not appear too overpowering.

If you are a fan of beige colours, then this bridal gown from our latest collection, Floraison, is perfect!

Lucky colour for year 2018 - BEIGE

Lucky colour for year 2018 – BEIGE

The inspiration of this bridal gown design actually lies in the colour. To bring out the beige tone, a mixture of intricate details and simple touches are combined harmoniously. The 3D embellishments of sequins and lace embroidery offers a soft feminine look. This bridal gown is perfect for brides whose nature is gentle and free spirited!

The dusty pink undertones of this bridal gown helps to brighten up the overall look and will complement most Asian brides, which usually features a slight yellow skin undertone.

Wedding Gown Lucky Colours 2018 #2: Sandy

Belonging to the same family of nude colours, sandy is a much brighter colour compared to beige. If you prefer to have a colour that is more lively, then consider sandy colour for your bridal gown!

Lucky colour for year 2018 SANDY.

Lucky colour for year 2018 SANDY.


In this bridal gown design, the floral embroidery is heavily embellished on the bodice, and cascades down to the halfway mark of the skirt. This way, the skirt of the bridal gown will not be too overwhelmed with any embellishment, allowing your guests to fully soak into this beautiful colour.

Another additional bonus feature of this bridal gown design is the v neckline! Perfect for brides who want to flaunt a little cleavage, the depth of the neckline is just nice to reflect allure and class.

Wedding Gown Lucky Colours 2018 #2: Pink

Pink is one of the most popular colours well-loved by many ladies. Associated to girlish charms and vibrance, you are in luck if you are a fan of pinks! Because of this, you would be able to chance upon several pink bridal gowns. You would definitely be spoilt for choice!

Featuring this sweet pink bridal gown, also from our Floraison collection.

Lucky colour for year 2018 PINK

Lucky colour for year 2018 PINK


The uniqueness of this bridal gown is the asymmetrical details of the skirt. Its bottom has been designed intentionally to add volume to this pink bridal dress. The uneven layers was designed to create an illusion of rose petals. Don’t you think it is beautiful?

Plus, the beauty of this bridal gown is how it fits every shape!

If you have a rectangular or apple body type, this bridal gown design will help balance out your frame such as this piece! This is because it helps to create wider hips and more curves, in an attempt to paint a tinier waistline!

At the same time, pear shaped sisters will look amazing in this bridal gown design as the wide skirt helps hide the width of your hips while highlighting your (already) miniscule waistline!


Believing in Feng Shui is highly subjective and dependable on every individual’s faith and mentality. If you happen to be one of those who have encountered some luck by changing some aspects in your life because of Feng Shui, you would be elated to know the lucky and auspicious colours to wear this year. There are other lucky colours which you may consider and which we will share in our next article in part two! Stay tuned!


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