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Bridal Gown Lucky Colours You Should Be Wearing For Year 2018 Part II

Bridal Gown Lucky Colours You Should Be Wearing For Year 2018 Part II

Last week, you have learnt the 3 bridal gown lucky colours for this year 2018, which mainly comprise nude and earthly tones.

Due to its unique colours, they may not sit well with some brides and traditional folks who prefer the bridal gown to be in brighter colours. That way, it adds a festive element to the wedding right? 😀

Fret not if those colours are not up to your liking!  Today, you will be able to know the 3 other lucky colours for your bridal gown which you can consider or your wedding day! For these lucky colours, we have carefully handpicked a few of our gorgeous bridal gowns that will definitely turn heads.

Bridal Gown Lucky Colours 2018 #1: Red

The Chinese believes that red is an auspicious colour. This is because it is believed to symbolise luck, happiness and joy. Thus, the Lunar New Year has always been associated with this popular colour. This ranges from red packets, red cloths hanging at the main doors of houses, red decorations and so forth. Therefore, it goes without saying that red has been deemed to be one of the lucky colours this year as well!

This red bridal dress number from Floraison is definitely a head turner on your wedding day! Characterised by the lace embroidery, it definitely adds dimension to the bridal gown look. In addition, the neckline is not your typical tube neckline. With the illusion V neckline, it would accentuate your allure in the right amount!

Lucky colour for year 2018 red (2)

Another bridal gown to consider would be this unconventional design.

Lucky colour for year 2018reddUnlike the majority of bridal gowns, which feature long skirts, this sexy red siren from Love In Full Bloom is exquisitely different. With its illusion long sleeves, it transform this bridal dress design into a sexy piece that isn’t too overpowering. The beadwork and sequins are strategically placed to enhance the look.

However, that is not all. With a short skirt at the front followed by a long bridal gown train, this distinctive feature already made this bridal gown stands out on its own! If you have legs that go on forever, this is definitely the perfect bridal gown for you!

Bridal Gown Lucky Colours 2018 #2: Purple

On the contrary, as compared to the more popular and common colours such as pink and red, purple is considered a rare colour to select on a bridal gown. But, don’t let that put you off because this way, purple can be thus deemed as a special and unique colour to choose for your bridal gown!

In fact, purple is the pantone colour of the year because of how it relates to the galaxy and stars. Talk about being trendy!

Lucky colour for year 2018 purple (2)

From one of our past bridal collection, Whimsical Wonderland, features yet another head-turning bridal gown. Just by looking at it, we are certain you would understand why it is so exquisite.

The ruching and folded fabric are the main highlights of this purple number. With the pink tulle under the purple fabric, it definitely offers a holographic effect on the bridal gown. The back of the bridal gown is supported with a nude mesh to resemble a low backline. This way, brides can flaunt their backline and not feel insecure about revealing too much!

Bridal Gown Lucky Colours 2018 #3: Blue

Yet again, blue is a popular colour brides choose for their bridal gowns. More specially, navy blue has gained popularity due to its soothing and calming effect. In addition, navy blue is associated to sophistication and elegance. That is what every bride wants to embody on their wedding day when they walk down the aisle right? We agree too!

Lucky colour for year 2018 BLUE

Featuring this satin navy blue bridal gown from our latest collection, Floraison, that is stylish and graceful on its own. The sheen of this navy blue satin offers an illuminating touch, easily transforming you into a radiant bride. Combined with the simple lace and bead work, this satin bridal gown resembles the work of stars against the midnight sky.

You would definitely feel like you are walking on stars in this bridal gown number!


We hope that these bridal gown lucky colours would help you in deciding your chosen bridal gown. If you feel that none of these lucky colours are within your palette, then it is okay! There are many beautiful colours within the spectrum to consider for your bridal dress.

Good luck and have fun choosing your bridal gowns!

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