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Bridal ‘lingos’ You Should Know

Bridal ‘lingos’ you should know

To the newly engaged couples, Congratulations!


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Have you ever been in a situation where a bridal consultant speaks in a wedding ‘lingo’ that you can’t quite seem to grasp, yet are too shy to ask? Fret not any further! Today we’ll take you through some common jargons and abbreviations commonly used in our bridal industry because we understand that you have enough to stress about; What with planning for the wedding and all.

Moreover we have also encountered many couples who previously stopped us to ask what we were talking about. Thus we hope that this guide would aid in a carefree discussion or planning in the future!


The main persons aka the couple

HTB/H2B – Husband-to-be, in other words, the groom

BTB/B2B – Bride-to-be

SO – No, this is not a typing error, rather significant other


Wedding Family Parties

FIL – Father-in-law

MIL – Mother-in-law

SIL – Sister in law

BIL – Brother in law

FILS – Future-in-laws

MOH – Maid-of-honour

BM – Bridesmaid

GM – Groomsmen



ROM – Registry of Marriages

Registry of Marriages administers the registration and solemnisation of civil marriages in Singapore.

JPJustice of Peace

The person who officiates your wedding outside the ROM.



STD – Save the Date

RD – Rehearsal Dinner


Wedding Day

AD – Actual Day


Wedding services

MUA – Makeup Artist

ADS – Actual day shoot

PWS – Pre-wedding shoot

PS – Photoshoot

PG – Photographer

VG – Videographer

Sometimes also referred to as cinematographer.


Wedding gowns

OTR – Off-the-rack

To put it simply, off-the-rack means that gowns are ready for rental.

MTM – Made to Measure

A made to measure gown allows you to go through your dream wedding gown design that you would go through your dream wedding gown design with a designer to have a dress that is tailored specifically to fit you.




Refers to a 12” by 30” photo frame.

PS. It’s not necessary to put in three photographs, instead you could choose a gorgeous landscape image as well!

20” x 30”

A frame that is 20” x 30” dimension. Often to hang up on the wall.

Table Top (10R)

Often refers to a 10” x 12” framed photograph that is usually placed on tables.


That’s it for now! However if you have any other jargons or abbreviations that you’re still unsure of, feel free to leave a comment and we will compile another list for you!

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