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For a hassle free experience, you can get to enjoy comprehensive bridal packages with La Belle Couture. On top of wedding dress and wedding gowns rental for the bride, our bridal packages include other bridal services such as rental of suits or tuxedos for the groom, ROM dress rental, traditional ‘Kua’ rental, bridal makeup and Hair styling, bridal bouquet, wedding car decoration, wedding styling and decoration and many more. Bridal wedding package holders can also add on our wedding photography & wedding videography services at exclusive privileged rates!

Although bridal packages are commonly offered in most bridal boutiques in Singapore, what sets us apart is how you can customise your bridal packages with ‘wishing stars’ to redeem bridal services that you require.

At La Belle Couture, we are the first and only bridal boutique in Singapore that offers our customers ‘Build Your Own’ Wedding packages.

Unlike the traditional fixed ‘one size fits all’ packages, couples do not need to pay or be tied down to services which they may not require with our ‘Build Your Own’ wedding packages, while still enjoying the best cost savings you deserve!

Our ‘Build Your Own’ Wedding Package works in 3 simple steps –

1. Choose Your Wedding Dress

Choose your dream wedding dress as the base of your wedding package from our full wedding gown range.

Price starts from $1600.

2. Pick Your Bridal Essentials

Pick the items or services required for your actual day from our wedding wish list and purchase the no. of stars required for those items.

The price for each wishing star is $50, with a minimum of 2 stars required.

3. Complete Your Wedding Package

Complete your wedding package with photography/ videography services at privileged prices.

Prices starts from $750.

Here at La Belle Couture, our mission is to provide a stress free experience to our couples through professional and sincere services while transforming your dreams into reality. Experience for yourself the service that you deserve with La Belle Couture!

If you wish to find out more about how we can customise your bridal package and if we are a suitable fit to your criteria, make an appointment with us now.

PS. Did you know that we offer 3 years open date for our bridal packages? This means even if you haven’t fixed a date yet for your wedding banquet, you are still able to confirm a bridal package with us now and not worry about price inflation!

Useful Information

in Singapore, bridal packages are like the combo deals similar to that of a fast food restaurant of the bridal industry. As with all bundle deals, you get a list of services for a much lower price and it saves you the trouble of having to source for them individually if you were to go “ala carte”.

But while these bridal packages usually give you more value for money, they do not give you the freedom as you would if you’d engaged individual vendors yourself.

Engaging your own individual vendors aka “going a la carte” on the other hand, can get costlier than a bridal package, even though it yields more satisfying results for the fussy bride. Granted that with the rise of many vendors offering many alternatives at lower prices, going ‘ala carte’ could also let you save money. But as the saying goes, you pay for what you get – this also means you are not guaranteed of the quality of the service and product as compared to getting them from a reputable bridal boutique.

Ultimately, It is often more time and cost-effective to find a quality one–stop shop rather than independent places and not to mention it is less of a hassle. It’s your big day and the less stress, the better!

Still can’t decide? Why not speak to one of our bridal advisors and seek their professional advice with no obligations?

If you have already decided on the bridal package option, naturally the next step will be to search for the right bridal boutique. Here are some questions to ask yourself when you are searching for the one –

  • Does the bridal package offers you all the things need?
    Some bridal boutiques may not offer all the services that you need. However, they should be able to recommend reliable wedding vendors, which saves the hassle of searching on your own. On the other hand, does the bridal boutique offer you flexibility to alter the bridal package to fulfil your needs and be able to justify for what you are paying for the bridal package price? The last thing you’ll want is to end up paying for things that you don’t need!
  • Do you see the value of the bridal package that you are paying for?
    No, we do not mean the deliverables VS the price tag. Although a bridal boutique may offer a bridal package at a lower price as compared to one with a higher price tag. However with the same exact deliverables, bear in mind that whilst having the cheapest bridal package sounds attractive at first glance, it might necessarily mean it is the best. As the saying goes – ‘You pay for what you get’. If quality and an enjoyable experience is something that you don’t want to compromise for the most important day of your life, a higher price tag could be worth investing in.
  • How are the quality & range of wedding gowns and suits carried by the bridal boutique?
    Neither you nor your partner should worry about not being able to find the perfect wedding gown or suit. You’d want to look nothing but the best on your big day! However, this can only be achieved with the finest materials and exquisite workmanship. Of course, having an array of styles & silhouettes to choose from means you’ll bound to be able to find something that fits & flatters your body, style and personality. In addition, you should not fret about being limited to a range of choices, as that usually means you may end up having to pay an additional premium top up. This may result in your package to be of a higher cost than what is initially expected.

Find out more about our wedding gowns rental services and men suits & tuxedos rental services.

  • Is the bridal boutique transparent about their prices as well as terms and conditions?
    Although incurred additional costs are quite common, it is good to find out exactly what these costs are  to prevent any unpleasant surprises along the way. Any additional charges should be made aware to you right from the beginning. Being an accountable and responsible bridal boutique means you will be serviced with the right values.
  • How are the people?
    Planning for your wedding should be an enjoyable event. And this can only be achieved with the right people. Aside from just being friendly and able to make you feel at ease, the person who is servicing you should also be knowledgable, professional and experienced, and are able to work hand in hand with you to realise your wedding dreams. An added bonus would be if the person is truly passionate about what they are doing and are truly committed to delivering the best to you. The last thing you want is to be put into the situation where you are put under aggressive sales pressure.
  • Are they reliable?
    Mind you, the entire process from the day you sign up for a bridal package to the day of your wedding could span as long as a year or more. So what happens after you have signed the package? Make sure the bridal boutique has a proper and systematic way when handling their customers and is easily contactable when the need arises. What seems to be enjoyable at the beginning of the sales talk could easily spiral into an unpleasant experience during the service process if not done well. And this could easily happen if the team at the bridal boutique are inconsistent in delivering their service and following through your wedding. The last thing you want is to be chasing them, or worse , unable to get hold of them when you are wondering what to do next.

Discover the experience that brides of La Belle Couture will get to enjoy.

  • Do they have a portfolio?
    Ultimately, you must like what you are getting, and the only way to know is to request for previous work samples, be it their gown and suits collections, photography, and makeup portfolio.

Take a look at our portfolio.

  • Are they credible?
    Lastly, research for reviews online. Nothing beats feedback from the bridal boutique’s past customers as they are true testimonials to what you will also be getting yourself into.

Take a look at the reviews written by our past customers.

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