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Wedding Planning, Decor and Styling Singapore

Every wedding is a reflection of the couple as well as the wedding planner or stylist. And a well planned and styled wedding is the orchestra of a skilled team that has accumulated years of experience. 

In pursuit to fulfil our vision to provide a stress free experience to our couples while helping them to achieving their dream wedding, La Belle Couture Weddings & Rosette Designs & Co have combined and expanded our team to offer couples a complete suite of wedding services including Actual Day Wedding Planning as well as Wedding Decor and Wedding Styling. 

Rosette Designs & Co – a creative event design and planning company helmed by Hellen Lie, has built for themselves a reputation for creating weddings with a personal touch and being known for its commitment to making every wedding stress free and memorable for couples.  It does this by personalising every event with elements which make a celebration more intimate and unforgettable.

Listed as Top 10 Wedding Planners and Event Stylists in Singapore, Rosette Designs & Co offers couples a range of wedding services that serves their different needs. From conceptualising and creating wedding designs, building a cohesive style and look for your wedding, to coordinating your actual wedding day and seeing to all the deliverables and fine details, we deliver a holistic wedding experience for wedding couples.  

Our services include – 

Actual Day Wedding Planning

Your wedding day is the day where you will be overwhelm with joy, jitters and not to mention, stress! Hence having a professional actual day wedding planner to handle the coordination & execution of your big event is necessary so that you can relax and enjoy every moment that you have worked towards.

For those who have done most of the planning on their own, this service will be suitable for you as it will help to make sure areas that you may overlook are covered so that your wedding day will run perfectly according to plan. An actual day wedding planner starts to takeover the planning from you about 2 months before your actual wedding day and help to tie up all the loose ends. 

Wedding Decor & Styling

Wedding decor & styling sets the entire look and feel of your wedding. If a cookie cutter wedding is not your cup of tea, then personalise it with the help from Rosette Designs & Co. From the theme, color, wedding logo to invitation design and decor, this service covers every aesthetic look of your wedding. No matter what your preference is, be it a customised wedding decor, a pre-designed themed setup for your reception or even to DIY with our wide selection of props rental, we have something for everyone. Soon to weds will be able to choose from 4 wedding decor or wedding styling packages – Bespoke Wedding Branding, Customised Decor, Simply Decor and Themed Decor.



  • Design sessions to customise wedding theme
  • Customised inspiration board
  • Customised wedding logo
  • Invitation design
  • Stationery design
  • Venue visit and consultation
  • Decor plan & layout


  • Venue visit and consultation
  • 2D sketch decor visual
  • Props styling
  • Flower & prop design
  • Team of stylists



  • Pick and choose from our decor catalogue
  • 500+ decor items
  • Including arches, fairy lights, flower and many more
  • Book appointment to see our catalogue


  • Full decor package for solemnisation and church decor
  • Rustic theme
  • Pastel theme
  • Book appointment to see our themed decor

Whether you are brimming with ideas and need a strong team to carry out your vision, or you want a beautiful wedding that speaks of you and your other half but don’t know how to start, you can be assured that your dream wedding will be brought to life. 

Contact us today to discover how we can turn your wedding dreams into reality! 

Useful Information

A full wedding planning service is very extensive and covers many bases from sourcing suppliers, scouting venues, planning menus, managing your budget, and tracking RSVPs. Unlike a full wedding planning service where the planner usually plans your wedding from the day you say yes, an actual day wedding planning service entails your wedding planner to focus on the coordination of activities on your wedding day. Your actual day wedding planner will start to takeover the planning from you about 2 months before your actual wedding day and help to tie up all the loose ends.

Because your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, it is only natural that you want to have the most perfect wedding that you’ve always wanted. But the thing is, you only have one chance to make that happen without hiccups. 

Taking on the role of coordinating a wedding is a feat that not many can handle. It is true that a memorable wedding doesn’t come by effortlessly. There are many factors to consider in a wedding, and it would take a novice a lot of time and effort to scrape through the process, let alone manage the wedding with finesse. Moreover your wedding day is the day where you will be overwhelm with joy, jitters and not to mention, stress! Hence having a professional actual day wedding planner to handle the execution of your big event is necessary so that you can relax and enjoy every moment that you have worked towards. Here are some of the tasks that a professional actual day wedding planner will take on that will let you truly enjoy your day without any worries.

– They will help you map out what’s supposed to happen on your wedding day
The final and biggest hurdle of your wedding is actually ensuring that there is no loophole in your wedding itinerary. Your Actual Day Wedding Planning team would take this burden off your shoulders by  produce a comprehensive schedule to ensure that everything will fall into place.

– They become the appointed contact person amongst your service wedding providers.
Instead of going through the hassle of contacting all your vendors to confirm whatever details,, the responsibility will be transferred to your Actual Day Wedding Planning team instead. They will be in charge of distributing the necessary information to the providers before the wedding (e.g the arrival timing of your make up artist team, wedding photographer and videographer and etc)!

– They will be managing your wedding onsite.
Your Actual Day wedding planner will be at the start of your wedding, from the tea ceremony to the finale of your wedding. They will be running about to ensure that everything is going according to plan. And if something doesn’t go wrong, they would be able to negate them with their expertise.

A wedding stylist turn a bride and groom’s vision of their wedding day into a reality.

By listening to their thoughts, a wedding stylist unravel their visions and do everything within their power to meet their expectations to build their dream wedding day & to bring a couple’s vision of their big day to life. He/she will set the scene according to the bride and groom’s vision and then ensure it happen by tying in, for example, the floral design, the furniture, the props, the lighting and the table centrepieces.”

Simply put, a wedding stylist focus on creating a picture-perfect backdrop to your wedding, ensuring that everything is matched harmoniously from start to finish and is primarily focussed on the overall design of the event.

As seen on Pinterest and Instagram, many weddings are made beautiful because of the amount of effort that goes behind the decor. From the arrangements of the flowers, to the design of your wedding invitations, to the type of chairs to use, it really does make a difference to how your wedding will look like on your wedding day!

With a professional wedding stylist, you can be assured that you are going to have an ‘instaworthy’ or ‘pinworthy’ wedding. Still not convinced? Here are more reasons for you to reconsider. 

– You Don’t Need To DIY Your Wedding
On top of finding a reliable source for all the wedding decorations, you will need to have an eye for design and be able to know how mix and match. Otherwise, you may end up with a wedding that doesn’t seem well put together. All that invested would have gone to waste. Plus, a wedding stylist will help you to take away all the stress if you were to do it all by yourself!

– You Would Not Have Boring Wedding Decor
Alternatively, you can choose one of the wedding styling themes provided by the venue, which is very common among hotels. The thing is, you might end up with a cookie-cutter wedding decor that is like any other. With the standardised items and simple decor, you cannot expect your wedding to leave a mark in your wedding guests’ minds.On the other hand, a wedding stylist will be able to create and suggest wedding styles that is both beautiful and speaks of your love story. More effort will be invested to ensure that every detail bodes with the couple.

– Hiring a stylist will ensure your wedding will look polished from beginning to end. 
While many wedding guests are focusing on the choice of your wedding gown, they would also be observing many other elements, including the overall concept of your wedding. This is why a wedding stylist plays an important role in ensuring that everything is fitted to each other. The wedding stylist will tie everything together so that it runs through the ceremony and flowers, the reception and even the dress and invitations. He/she creates a harmonious link between everything to do with the wedding. The stylist will also work with the couple to decide on what sort of atmosphere they wish to create, from furniture hire, draping and lighting to the choice and arrangement of flowers. The end results? Your wedding will be the benchmark for beautiful weddings and be remembered for the amount of effort invested.

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