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Bridal Skincare Essentials Before The Big Day

Bridal Skincare Essentials Before the Big Day

Feminine beauty has been highly regarded throughout history. There have been various beauty standards throughout the ages – i.e. looking like a porcelain doll,  being Snow White, Glamazon, etc. Complexion plays a huge role in each style. This is why bridal skincare is vital for your big day. 

Your wedding is one of the grandest stages in your lifetime; the opportunity to look and feel your best. La Belle takes a look at some essentials to help brides achieve flawless looks that match their wedding gowns. We’ll be sticking with natural solutions – the way it was always intended for your skin!

Bridal Skincare Tip #1: Be Mindful About Makeup Removal

Makeup empowers women. Unfortunately, it also suffocates your skin by blocking its pores. This leads to dehydrated appearances characterized by dry skin and poor complexion. Thus, remove your make up as soon as possible, e.g. after a long day out. Olive oil is an effective organic makeup remover. Simply dab some on cotton wool and gently run it against your face. 


Also, never go to sleep with makeup on no matter how tempting it may be (especially when you’re about to KO). 


Let your skin breathe, you will be thankful for it when you look fresh and healthy during wedding photography. Remember, there is only so much that makeup can do for you, it is difficult to conceal blemishes like craggy skin. 


Bridal Skincare Tip #2: Enhance your Diet with Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are crucial staples in your diet if you wish to acquire a healthy and attractive appearance for your wedding. 


Choose fruits that are high in Vitamin C, such as guava and members of the Citrus family, like oranges and grapefruit. Vitamin C strengthens the collagen in your skin, which gives it its natural suppleness. Additionally, they may stimulate blood capillaries to provide you with a healthy blush.


Tomatoes contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that is known to improve skin texture. So pop some into your salad today!


When it comes to vegetables, carrots and kale are excellent choices thanks to their high levels of betacarotene. These antioxidants regulate the growth cycle of your skin cells, keeping them in the best shape. Time to munch away to keep those flaws at bay!


Bridal Skincare Tip #3: Protect Yourself Against the Sun

Research has shown that the Sun is responsible for 80% of your skin’s aging process. That is a frightening stat! It is little wonder that Jennifer Lopez keeps herself ageless by avoiding the sun entirely. 


Of course, we’re not encouraging our brides to follow J Lo’s insane routine. But there are some things you can do to prevent skin damage from UV rays. Aside from reducing exposure to the sun, consider using a large hat with wide brims and the secret formula – sunscreen. 


But don’t go with just any sunscreen! Sun protection factor (SPF) determines the amount of UV rays that reach your skin. Select a product that offers at least 15 SPF of coverage, or 30 SPF if you’re spending many hours outdoors. When it comes down to SPF,  aim high for the best protection. 

Bridal Skincare Tip #4: Practise Regular Facial Care

A three-step beauty regime can help optimise skin quality This facial routine involves washing, exfoliating, and moisturising.  


Washing helps to eliminate impurities that accumulate on the outermost layers of your skin. When left untreated, the excess film may form blackheads, acne, and other cosmetic blemishes. These are huge no-nos you cannot afford on your wedding day!


Exfoliating is a necessary process that many brides omit. The saying “out with the old and in with the new” – applies to your skin too. Get rid of stubborn dead skin to stimulate the growth of a healthy new layer.


Effective skincare routines should finish with moisturising. This will smoothen your skin, keeping it well-hydrated and protected against breakouts. As such, moisturisers are a must-have for brides who have dry or oily skin.  




A bridal gown is precious on your wedding day, but so is your skin. Quarantine season enables future brides to take better care of their skin by reducing exposure to outdoor pollutants. Let’s keep a constant lookout for ways to make the best out of the current situation. 


As always, La Belle Couture wishes good health and continuous safety for our brides and their families. 

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