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Bridal Themes: Bohemian Weddings

Bridal Themes: Bohemian Weddings

Bohemian brides view the world in a unique way, being carefree and nature-loving individuals. They’re probably familiar with their spirit animal and enjoy a sense of closeness with the earth by walking barefoot (when possible). But in case you’re wondering, the bohemian lifestyle means so much more than being a hippy. La Belle takes a look at the wondrous elements of bohemian weddings and ways to energise the ambiance.  

Bohemian Weddings: Origins

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When you think of a “bohemian” wedding, you’re probably guessing something ethereal and untraditional; if so, congrats, you’re spot on! Bohemian weddings celebrate the union of two souls in love and pay homage to mother nature, in gratitude for aligning their fates. Bohemian couples prefer less material things in life and delight in feelings and life experiences. 


Additionally, bohemian couples prefer the great outdoors to typical indoor settings (we’re looking at you, grand ballroom).  They may opt for a garden affair, a beach ceremony, or set up an altar in the heart of the woods if given a chance. In essence, a bohemian wedding is a spiritual and magical event that creates a dreamy romantic atmosphere. 

Bohemian Weddings: Layout

Bohemian weddings should involve natural accents and elements, like flowers, ferns, and vines. Consider adding fresh floral decorations around chairs, tables, and wedding arches – but not too much that it looks messy and uninviting. 


Stick to lightweight materials when selecting decorative fabric, like table runners, cushions, or chair covers. The aim is to go easy on texture while focusing on intricate details (the same goes for the wedding dress). 


La Belle highly recommends outdoor venues for boho brides – indoor spaces aren’t suitable for their carefree and expressive personalities! The ginger garden at the Singapore Botanical Gardens and Capella Singapore are two fantastic options. Outdoor venues enable your photographers to achieve captivating wedding photography with the use of natural light. 


Couples may consider setting up “outdoor rooms” with wireframes topped with soft neutral-toned drapery. The layout highlights the illusion of a seamless and spacious connection with the natural landscape. 


Aside from nature, bohemian weddings tap on the concept of spirituality. Objects vibrating with natural energy, such as agate crystals and dreamcatchers, are alluring add-ons that will spruce up your layout. 

Bohemian Weddings: The Look

There is no one-size-fits-all-bohemian-bride look. Some brides may choose close-fitting wedding gowns that enhance their curves, while others prefer loose silhouettes with elegant long-sleeves. 


Floral headpieces are popular among bohemian brides as they bring a pixie-like charm to the wedding dress. Alternatively, you may consider a boho veil with elaborate motifs that will accentuate your wedding gown design. 


The boho wedding dress usually features a generous arrangement of lace, sequins, and appliques against a light fabric like chiffon or charmeuse, which feels almost weightless. Braided tresses complete the bohemian ensemble. The fishtail and flower crown styles are popular among many bohemian brides. 


If your partner feels adventurous, he might consider wearing his hair long and tying it up into a man-bun. When it comes down to the groom’s outfit, we recommend subtle hues like cyan and sky blue to fit the airy theme. 




There is so much that we can all learn from the bohemian style – being true to ourselves, expressing inner feelings without constraints, and so on. If you’re the type of bride who would toss your shoes aside and dance to the rhythm of birdcalls in a heartbeat, then the bohemian style is for you. You’re going to inspire your guests and redefine the concept of joy and fulfillment by simply being you. How awesome is that?


Next time on La Belle Couture’s bridal themes, we’ll be looking at sweet pastels weddings. It is going to be one of the prettiest styles you’ve ever seen, so stay tuned! 

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