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Bridal Themes: Celestial Wedding

Bridal Themes: Celestial Wedding

“Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars” opens Kaye Ballard’s 1954 nostalgic hit. It also sums up what a celestial wedding is all about. And yes, dear brides, that brings us to the second installment of La Belle’s bridal themes series. 


Have you ever wondered how it feels to travel into space and time that transcends your earthly realities? Perhaps you had those thoughts as children, possibly something with a sci-fi element. We commonly look above to the distant stars and moon for their breathtaking beauty. Even folklore dwells on celestial beauty, with stories of Chang-e, the lunar goddess, and the star-crossed lovers of the cowherd and weaver girl. 


There is something undoubtedly captivating about something so precious yet beyond reach. It builds admiration and fascination. Well, brides, you’re in for a treat. While we can’t lasso the moon for you, we will share how you can create an enchanted atmosphere with a well-planned celestial wedding.  

Celestial Wedding – Origins and Flavour



Celestial weddings are in a class of their own. Away from the bright lights of traditional ballrooms and luxurious chandeliers, a celestial wedding thrives in a romantic environment with muted lighting. There is a lot left to the imagination but yet not quite so little that it appears minimalist. The otherworldly wedding theme involves the colours we see in the charming night sky (this might be difficult with our island’s light pollution, but you get the drift). So go ahead and play with tones of midnight blue, indigo, gold, and white (it’s everywhere and always a safe choice).

Celestial Wedding – A Date with Destiny

The goal is to transport you, your partner, and guests to a world of infinite possibilities. Celestial wedding layouts will appear darker than those from other themes but be careful not to create a gloomy environment. You can avoid this by alternating dim areas with bright lights that symbolise the stars and constellations scattered in the dark sky. When done right, the contrast is nothing short of captivating and might shine a spotlight on your wedding gown!

With that said, nothing beats the real deal. Have an open concept under the night sky – any time is the right time to profess your love. After the ceremony, if you’re having an alfresco banquet, choose tablecloths and runners that enhance the divine ambiance. If you’re keen on centerpieces, swap out typical floral arrangements for galaxy-themed candles or lanterns to add beauty and practicality to the dining experience. 

Celestial Wedding – The Look

A Goddess. That’s how you should look and feel like in your celestial wedding gown. Opt for an elegant silhouette such as mermaid or sheath and aim for understated sequins that add an illusory effect to your outfit that makes you glitter like stardust. A celestial wedding is an excellent opportunity to try on a cape for an angelic finish to your look. 


When it comes down to hair and make-up, leave your tresses up and stick to a minimal foundation for a natural look. A goddess doesn’t hide her beauty behind a fringe and is always prepared to greet the world with a confident smile. 


Your partner might consider going for tuxedos in dark shades of blue, which will be a perfect pairing to your elegant ensemble. Your guests will be spellbound as you make your grand entrance with a mood of mythic proportions. 




Nothing is impossible when you put your heart and soul into it. A celestial wedding is a testament to the wonders of thoughtful wedding preparations. The shots taken for your wedding photography will appear as if you traveled to space and back. You’re amazing, and you can create the reality you want, and your wedding is one of the best opportunities to express your innermost thoughts and desires to the world. 

In our next installment of bridal themes, we return to Earth to see what it means to have a modern minimalist wedding (no, it doesn’t mean less preparation and enjoyment). Until then, remember, when you wish upon a star, dreams do come true! (yet another timeless tune).  

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