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Bridal Themes: Industrial Chic Wedding

Bridal Themes: Industrial Chic Wedding

Who doesn’t adore wedding themes? We at La Belle Couture believe that a well thought out wedding theme can enchant your big day and make it even more extraordinary. Let’s not forget how amazing your wedding photography will turn out – instant gems, we reckon! Here’s the scoop – Our team has racked our collective brains to curate a series of awesome wedding themes for your consideration. We begin by diving into the revolutionary style of an industrial chic wedding. 

Origins of the Industrial Chic Wedding



When you think of industry, you probably think of steam trains, cogwheels, and factories. If so, congratulations, you have a clear idea of what industrial chic weddings represent. The unique wedding style borrows innovative ideas from the industrial revolution, a time when people got a little creative with certain materials – particularly iron and steel. 


But before you think, “goodness, so I’m supposed to look like a greasy factory worker on my wedding day?” let us refocus your attention on the “chic” side of things. You will still look sweet and gorgeous with a range of suitable wedding gowns. And yes, you can incorporate floral designs to dial down the rough industrial look for a balanced result. 


In all, industrial chic is a theme that resembles a toned-down version of steampunk trends. The theme applies plentiful “metallic” elements, which manifests in neutral colour palettes and a raw, gritty look that will fascinate your guests. 

The Decor of an Industrial Chic Wedding



An industrial chic wedding’s ideal layout should transport guests to a timeline between the past and present. Picture the setting of a repurposed 1920s factory that has fallen out of production. There should be exposed pipes, rusty metal grids (we suggest artificial designs to keep things hygienic for your guests), and neon lighting. The overall design should be similar to the fusion achieved by clubs that hype up old heritage buildings with a modern twist. 


Couples may also include unexpected materials, such as using bottomless beer bottles as lampshades. Remember, it’s somewhat a throwback to a period where people were extremely innovative, so work those creative juices!


You might also consider adding floral designs to your tables, wedding arches, and stair rails (if applicable) to provide a soft natural contrast to the overall humanmade design. 

Getting the Look for an Industrial Chic Wedding 

Brides should opt for wedding gowns with less fabric for a charming and modern appearance. You might find some pretty lightweight choices in La Belle’s Whisper of Blossom Collection. The theme is revolutionary, so you should have the freedom to express your personality. Don’t let intricate wedding gowns steal your spotlight! Your partner should opt for suits/tuxedos in hues such as rosewood, burgundy, or darker shades that will be a charming match to your outfit. 


For hair and makeup, aim for a simple natural look and messy updo or similar styles that show you’re stylish yet comfy in your skin. Low maintenance yet chic hairdos give you the freedom to mingle with your guests without worrying about unruly strands. 




An industrial chic wedding is a sight to behold. You will represent many things in your celebration, aside from its aesthetic flavor. The industrial years embodied positive change and improvement – we can’t think of a better way to symbolize a wedding’s joys and significance!


We hope we have inspired you to consider the infinite possibilities of thematic weddings. La Belle will continue to share ideas each week so stay tuned. Up next, we will explore the magic behind celestial weddings. If you’re a future bride seeking an experience out of this world, watch this space!


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