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Bridal Themes: Modern Minimalist Weddings

Bridal Themes: Modern Minimalist Weddings

One of the most astounding architects of all time, Mies van Der Rohe, once quipped, “less is more.” And less is certainly more when it comes down to modern minimalist weddings. The thought lies in intention – focusing on your big day’s most meaningful aspects and eliminating the minor details. 

But dear brides, don’t be fooled into thinking that modern minimalist styles are lazy or easy. Remember those times when you had to summarise comprehensions in school? If you’re like most of the population, it certainly wasn’t a walk in the park to squeeze meaning into a small space. But as always, La Belle Couture is here to walk you through the process and help you with your planning. Let’s begin!

Origins of Modern Minimalist Weddings

Aside from the aesthetic appeal of spacious venues with less distraction, minimalism is a philosophy that reverts to how things were – before technology. We (urban folk) tend to feel a disconnect with nature and the simplicity of it all. Some cultures and religions (especially Japanese ones) believe that open spaces bring balance to an environment and reduces conflict. 


A wedding venue should exude joy, comfort, and anything but conflict, which goes the same for your wedding gown choice. We’ll get back to that in a bit. 


Variations of minimalism have sprung up over time (i.e., nature-based or monochromatic), and the modern version focuses on geometric patterns and contrasting shapes. 


Modern Minimalist Wedding Decor – Less is Best



Go for neutral palettes in your modern minimalist backgrounds. These colors are easy on the eyes and provide a comfy and airy ambiance for you and your guests. Consider adding a hint of nature to your tablescape – perhaps a simple vase centerpiece with fresh wildflowers against a pristine white tablecloth. Don’t forget the subtle beauty of geometric shapes – like  


You should also leave a great first impression on your wedding guests with high-quality acrylic wedding invitations. Stylish calligraphy is all the hype these days and can transform simple paragraphs into classy masterpieces that enhance your message. 


Vacant warehouses are perfect for minimalist weddings since they’re essentially walls with flooring and a ceiling – no pesky pillars or extra alcoves. Wedding photography will be a breeze (like everything else), with winning shots accessible from any angle. The goal is to create an environment where every wedding decor has a significance, not purely for filling spaces. 


Modern Minimalist Wedding Outfits 

Brides shouldn’t think that they should look less attention-grabbing for minimalist weddings. It’s a wedding, after all, and you’re no wallflower! 

Remember, we’re reducing the white noise in the layout to focus the spotlight on you! So while an intricate tulle or taffeta ballgown might be a mismatch with your toned-down atmosphere, there are many fabulous options to consider. 


Similarly, grooms should steer clear from dramatic tuxedos to avoid a style clash with the breezy layout. Consider replacing traditional jackets with a taupe vest and matching pants against a white shirt for a look with understated charm. 


An off-white sheath column or off-shoulder mermaid wedding gown could instantly add elegance to your bridal look. Nobody said that you should depend on appliques, beading, or sequins to look gorgeous. Minimalist brides prove that true beauty stems from within. 




The devil is in the details, and angelic brides would do well with a modern minimalist wedding concept. If you fear that neutral palettes might end up boring or sap away the fun in the atmosphere – add an electric blue table runner or zesty purple carpets to spice things up. 


Most importantly, remove or minimise the elements that do not represent you and your partner. Stay true to your vision and create your personal tradition! 


On the next installment of bridal themes, we’ll dive deeper into the topic of personality as we look at bohemian weddings. Trust us when we say it’s all you ever wanted in a wedding if you’re a carefree new age soul. So stay tuned!

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