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Build Your Own Wedding Package With La Belle!

Build Your Own Wedding Package With La Belle!

Hey there, if you’re reading this, there is a good chance that you’re amid wedding preps (or knows someone who is). If so, then awesome because we will show you how easy it is to build a wedding package with La Belle Couture. 

Why settle for standard pieces and events if you’ve got a brilliant concept in your head? Worse still, why go for bloated wedding packages filled with costly items that you don’t need? Our bridal experts will guide you through the various steps for incredible clarity and a wildly successful big day. No bridal dream is too big to achieve, and we’ll show you how!

La Belle’s Customised Wedding Package: Narrowing Down to The Things That Matter

You’ll need an experienced consultant to help you eliminate the rough edges to arrive at the perfect bridal package. And we’ve got some of the most dedicated and genuinely caring wedding consultants on the island. La Belle takes pride in putting smiles on the face of each bride we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with for their grand occasion. 

Instead of paying for standard items, we’ll sit down with you to understand more about your opinions and preferences. We will then work with your budget to propose the best fit. Think of it like a Marie Kondo approach. We’ll only keep the bits that spark joy. 

Of course, along the way, we’ll recommend options to shape the bridal package. It will be an altogether flexible process. It’s your wedding, and you should have full control of the event. 

La Belle’s Customised Wedding Package: Couture Perfection

You can’t complete a wedding without a gorgeous wedding gown. Most brides would agree with that statement. Our consultants will take you through an awe-inspiring visual journey into the world of La Belle’s eye-catching catalogs. Expect nothing less than top-notch couture-standards. 

La Belle’s friendly consultant will help you decide on the silhouette, necklines, back lines, hues, gown embellishments, and accessories for the most suitable outfits. Whether you’re a bold, conservative, or in-between collection of suits and tuxedos for your partner, in case he’s thinking, “what’s in it for me?”. 

La Belle’s Customised Wedding Package: Choosing the Vendors

Choosing a vendor can be quite a tough decision since many factors come into play. Our consultants can provide you with the vital information you need to reduce disappointment and enjoy your wedding experience. How? Glad you asked! 

We will offer some trusted partners who have exceeded the expectations of many brides. If you’ve already got a vendor or two in mind, no problem, we can give you some tips to ensure they’re truly right for you. 

For example, your wedding photography deserves a professional’s attention, preferably one with an accessible portfolio and positive customer reviews. The same applies to choosing MUAs, hairstylists, videographers, and decor companies (we highly recommend Rosette Designs and Co.)

During the consultation, we’ll provide you with portfolios to look through before you come to a decision as well.

La Belle’s Customised Wedding Package: Organised Checklist

An omission is one of the biggest fears in the wedding prep. Imagine getting everything seemingly settled only to realise that you missed something out a night before the event, gasp! You won’t face such a panic attack with the step-by-step organised checklist from our bridal consultants! 

Our team will handle your prep work from start to finish (or, as some might say, from planning to delivery). Additionally, we’ll discuss every item, so everything is crystal clear. You’ll never find yourself clueless. We want you to be ultra-confident as you approach the day to shine in your wedding gown




Are you motivated to take a step closer to your customised wedding package? If so, we’ve got jolly good news for you. La Belle presents a cool opportunity for our readers to receive a complimentary bridal consultation (worth $59) if they book a slot here. How awesome is that?

Stay cool, beautiful, and true to yourself. You deserve the best wedding, and we will help you meet those goals. 


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