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Burning Wedding Questions Bride Have That Are Now Answered! Part I

Burning Wedding Questions Bride Have That Are Now Answered! Part I

With weddings being one of the biggest moments, it is only natural that we have a ton of burning wedding questions. One question can even open up to much more questions, which can easily cause confusion and stress in us brides! The only reason brides (including yourself!) have that many burning wedding questions is because of how they want everything to be perfect!

Ranging from wedding gowns, to wedding hairstyle and makeup, to whether dieting is required to look ‘better’, we got them all covered in this article! In our next article, we will be continuing with other burning wedding questions brides have that covers other topics beyond yourself, such as save-the-date cards, how do you get your husband-to-be to help in wedding planning and so forth. So if you are really dying to know the answers, be sure to continue reading!

Burning Wedding Questions Bride Have #1 : Should I Choose A Wedding Gown That Highlights My Best Features?

Wedding gowns are no doubt the first thing that comes to mind for most brides! As ladies, we are naturally concerned with our appearance. Besides, everyone will be looking at you (and secretly judging on your choice of your wedding dress!). Therefore, since your wedding gown will be the main focus on your wedding day, certainly you would want to choose the one that fits you best!

However, what and how do you determine which wedding gown fits you best? For a wedding gown to fit you best actually means that the wedding gown should complement your best characteristics, while downplaying the areas you are most insecure about. While this is usually based on your body shape and frame, but often it is based on what you are most confident about.

For example, if you feel that your petite frame is something that bothers you, then you should not opt for wedding gowns that have volume on the top and bottom. Otherwise, it would seem that the wedding dress is wearing you instead of the other way round. Thus, the idea is to create an illusion of longer torso or slender legs, just by choosing the most appropriate wedding gown for you!

Wedding gowns that have higher waistline will help to elongate your miniature figure. Such an example is the empire-waist wedding gown. It would be ideal if you are able to pick one that has a long, flowy skirt as it allows you more leg room to sashay in without overwhelming your frame!

On the other hand, if you have wider hips (which is more applicable for brides with an hourglass or pear shape) and you don’t feel comfortable flaunting them, the kind of wedding gown you want to avoid would be body-hugging mermaid cut. As it accentuates your curves, it would definitely bring more attention to your hips. A more suitable cutting would be wedding gowns in an A-line design.

But most importantly, when you are choosing a wedding gown, it boils down to how confident you are in it. While there are wedding gowns that complement certain body shapes better, but it is all up to you. For example, we have had brides with hourglass shape and looked really amazing in mermaid gowns, but ended up choosing a wedding dress in a ball gown cut simply because she wasn’t comfortable with the idea of flaunting her figure!

Burning Wedding Questions Bride Have #2 : Do I Really Need Professional Hair and Makeup Artist?

On top of wearing the perfect wedding gown, the next thing that people notice is how you look on your wedding day! So the next question is whether you should hire a professional bridal hair and makeup artist!

With the costs of almost everything always on the rise each year, naturally a prudent person would want to save whenever there is an opportunity to. In fact there have been cases of brides who have considered doing their bridal makeup themselves! While that is your choice, but we highly recommend to not go for that. Why?

As a bride, you are already so preoccupied with what’s going on. If you decide to do your own bridal makeup, you are only adding unnecessary pressure on yourself. This may backfire as you try to complete your bridal look to match your wedding dress but come to a realisation that things are not working out the way you have envisioned.

With a professional bridal make up artist, they will be able to know what style suits you best and advise accordingly. Besides, it almost feels like royal therapy when somebody is dolling you up on your big day! You are the queen of the day so let the professionals help you!

Besides, as most makeup and hair packages come with a trial session, you would be able to gauge if a certain makeup style suits you and your wedding gown. On top of that, a trial session also provides you with the opportunity to evaluate the makeup artist’s skills and character. Does she listen to your preferences? Or does she insist on her own way? Is she friendly or aloof?

If possible, it is advisable that you refrain from removing your hairdo and makeup immediately after the trial session. In this way, you are able to see how it holds up in heat and humidity. It would also be good if you are able to take note how quickly your skin turns oily or how your hair uncurl after your trial session. Providing such constructive feedback to your makeup artist allows her time to explore avenues to make the necessary changes or reinforcements on your actual day.

Burning Wedding Questions Bride Have #3 : Do I Need To Lose Weight For The Wedding?

Whether a bride really needs it, to lose weight is on almost every bride’s checklist. But what’s more important is to do it the right way Be it cutting back on your food intake or hitting the gym intensively, or both, is not advisable. If you deprive yourself of food and overexerting yourself during exercise, you may burnout. When that occurs, you may then go all out and binge on food which defeats the purpose in the first place. All your hard work would have gone to a waste.

Or if you do end up sticking to such strict regime, you might be able to lose pounds within a short period. But often, this backfires as well. Because of the sudden weight loss, you might end up looking a lot more tired. In fact, there have been cases of brides who were unable to fit in their wedding gown because they lost too many sizes at a go. In addition, it is pretty difficult to mask the tiredness with makeup as it is common for such brides to have lost the elasticity and glow of their skin.

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If you are overweight or feel a little flabby, then consider signing up for gym classes that target those areas. Remember that for results to be seen, it takes time. Plan few months ahead before your wedding day or just leave it to your personal trainer to plan for you.


The same goes for exercising. If working out has not been your cup of tea, chances are you will struggle at the initial stage. Give your body, heart and mind some time to adjust and strengthen. Practice is what makes it perfect. When you have seen improvements, which you would know it yourself, slowly build up the intensity. For example, if you have managed to run continuously for 3-km, push yourself to reach 4km the next session. Just don’t give up!

As for your diet, start small by cutting back high fat and high sugar content food and replacing them with low fat snacks like almonds and walnuts. Your stomach and appetite needs time to adjust to the decrease in consumption, so don’t rush it. This is because when you are hungry, your body tends to crave for fattening food. And if you are not careful enough and lack of the discipline to control, you may end up eating more fattening food than you should.


Have we read your mind? Are these your concerns too? If you have any other burning questions you would like to share, do feel free to comment below! We are happy to share your thoughts with other like-minded brides as well.

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