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Burning Wedding Questions Bride Have That Are Now Answered! Part II

Burning Wedding Questions Bride Have That Are Now Answered! Part II

With weddings being one of the biggest moments, it is only natural that we have a ton of burning wedding questions. One question can even open up to much more questions, which can easily cause confusion and stress in us brides! The only reason brides (including yourself!) have that many burning wedding questions is because of how they want everything to be perfect!

Previously, we shared a few burning wedding questions which got many brides scratching their heads initially. But receiving comments from brides saying that we have provided some valuable insights, we are sure you would certainly want to continue reading on!

Burning Wedding Questions Bride Have #1 : Are Save-The-Date Cards Necessary?

With the wedding day inching closer every day, you cannot help but wonder when should you tidy up your wedding guestlist. When you had initially informally invited or informed your families and friends some time back, what was their response? More importantly, will their availability differ since it is nearing your wedding day? Have they forgotten about it or have their schedule somewhat been changed?

Before we start, let’s revisit the purpose of having the save-the-date cards.

Such save-the-date cards are usually reminders to wedding guests of your wedding day. Some guests may have forgotten about it or some may have a different schedule right now since you would have inform them about your big day few months back. Or there may be some who has yet to respond to you when you had asked them previously.

In order to confirm that number of tables with your chosen wedding venue vendor, the guestlist must be confirmed as well.

Despite that, it is not to say that preparing save-the-date cards is the only way to send such gentle reminders to your wedding guests. It may be one of the ways and a more common one, but if you don’t feel like using that method, it is absolutely alright as well.

There may be factors which may affect your decision such as the costs of engaging someone to do it up nicely for you or you may even intend to do it yourself. The latter may be somewhat cheaper but if you are unfamiliar with photoshop or clueless as to any photo-editing skills and knowledge, it may be more of a trouble for yourself.

The easiest way is of course by word-of-mouth which is the least of the hassles. This can be done through your parents and relatives. For the younger guests who are more social media savvy, wedding couples can consider creating Facebook event pages and e-inviting such younger guests through there. They can then RSVP if they are attending and be reminded of the wedding in place of the traditional save-the-date card.

Burning Wedding Questions Bride Have #2 : How Do I Get My Husband-to-Be To Help In The Wedding Planning?

Sad but true, this is one of the most common issues brides-to-be face during their wedding planning. This may also be one of the more sensitive and emotional ones as it involves your better half. Many wedding couples, due to the differences, tend to have several conflicts and tension during their wedding planning stage.

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Communication is always key. You may heard of this advice almost everywhere when it comes to relationship issues. It is essential that couples communicate honestly with one another because this is the only way your true feelings and thoughts are expressed. If either keeps mum about how they feel and think, of course the other party would have no idea of what is going on. Or worse still, they may misunderstood the situation.

Therefore, it will always take the hands of two to clap. This simply means that both parties must be willing to sit down and openly talk to each other, and more importantly, to LISTEN to one another.

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If both parties are willing to do so, then things would be easier to take off from there. Have a wedding plan, penned down in writing which delegates who should be in charge of what. One party needs to do the homework and then consolidate a list, and discuss with the other party. For example, if you are just starting out in your planning stage and deciding on your wedding venue, state down what the two of you are looking for, i.e. budget, accessibility, theme, food choices, style of the venue and so forth. Once that is done, the party in charge of sourcing for the venue can conduct their own mini research before discussing with the other party.

On the other hand, the other party may then be in charge of the bridal packages for the wedding attire and pre-wedding photography. Whatever and however the tasks are going to be delegated, make sure that it is fair and proportionate to both parties. Meaning to say, if one party is going to source for the bridal packages that suits the couple’s requirements, the other party should not be just in charge of what type of flowers to use as the wedding decorations. The delegation and splitting of the tasks should be reasonable and fair. Otherwise, if one party feels unfairly treated, conflicts will tend to rise. This defeats the whole purpose of the delegation of tasks.

Burning Wedding Questions Bride Have #3 : Is It Really A Must To Have An Entourage and How Many Is Appropriate?

Wedding entourage which is the groomsmen and bridesmaids are not a wedding rule one must adhere to. Such entourages are usually made up of the wedding couple’s buddies who are supposed to help out during the wedding day. Also, they usually exist because of the morning gatecrash session where their help is needed most throughout the wedding day.








However, it may not always be necessary to have a entourage if their assistance is not required. Waking up early in the morning and preparing all the games for gatecrash and then having to rush down to the wedding venue thereafter is an exhausting task. Therefore, if you are doing away with the gatecrash session, you may not need so many helpers for the morning event. Perhaps you may consider having one or two girlfriends, who would also be in charge of the wedding reception at the later part of the day or night, depending if you will be having a wedding lunch or dinner.

Although it can be fun, having to go through the whole wedding event motion with your best buddies and even sneaking in some time to capture some precious memories on screen, having an entourage is not always necessary.

The number of groomsmen and bridesmaids is yet another burning wedding question which brides have in mind, There is no rule in this regard, however, the Chinese believes that an even number is always more auspicious than an odd one. Of course, this superstition is always up to one’s belief. Another reason why even number is preferred and why the groom or bride usually tries to have the same number of people in the team, can also be said for a more organised photo taking pairing up session. Most wedding photographers have the groomsmen and bridesmaids pairing up with each other for a huge group of ‘couple’ feel, together with the wedding couple.



Have we read your mind? Are these your concerns too? If you have any other burning questions you would like to share, do feel free to comment below! We are happy to share your thoughts with other like-minded brides as well.



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