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Cannot Decide Which Wedding Photographer To Engage? Here Are 3 Useful Tips To Help You!

Cannot Decide Which Wedding Photographer To Engage? Here Are 3 Useful Tips To Help You!

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So you have done your due diligence and have shortlisted a handful of wedding photographers, but stuck in a dilemma and cannot decide on who to engage? If you find yourself in such a situation, then you are in luck! Because today, we will be sharing with you on some useful tips to help you make a better and more informed choice in choosing your wedding photographer!

Read on to find out how to breeze through such situations! In time to come, you will have one more thing checked in your wedding checklist!

Useful Tips To Help Decide Which Wedding Photographer To Engage #1 : Wedding Photography Experience

Does he have a handful of good years of experience in wedding photography? One thing you need to know is that having experience as a professional photographer is not sufficient. A photographer who has experience in landscape nature photography may not exactly know how to achieve the best shots and angles of the subject matters during a wedding event. On the contrary, an experienced wedding photographer would have an eye for detail to capture emotions and exclusive moments that take place during a wedding. For a pre-wedding photography session, apart from angles, taking indoor and outdoor shoots require more experience with lighting skills and working around with the available props to create a love story.

Singapore Wedding Photographer

Singapore Wedding Photographer


One way to assess how good a person’s photography experience is, is to check out his portfolio. By seeing the photographs yourself, you can then decide if his style of taking wedding photos complements what you are looking for!

This brings us to our next point.

Useful Tips To Help Decide Which Wedding Photographer To Engage #2 : Does He Seem Ill Prepared To Meet You?

Previously, we shared on the importance of meeting up with your wedding photographer. Such meet ups are useful because it allows you the opportunity to assess his portfolios (see point 1).

Apart from that, you will be able to gauge how responsible he is.

Is he well-prepared for the meet up? Did he bring along the physical copies of his portfolios or is he merely showcasing his work online (which you could have just check it out at your own convenience)? Does he take the effort to run through his portfolios with you?

Wedding Photography Singapore

Wedding Photography Singapore

For a wedding photographer to be ill-prepared does speak volume about his quality of service and responsibility. This is certainly not what you would prefer for your big day.

Useful Tips To Help Decide Which Wedding Photographer To Engage #3 :  Having Clear Expectations

The most common reason for conflicts to arise between the wedding couple and the wedding photographer is due to the misalignment of expectations. It is important that you convey your preferences and expectations to your wedding photographer.

For example, if you prefer the Korean-style concept for your pre-wedding photography, you should inform your wedding photographer. Afterwhich, check to see if he has done such concepts before. If he has no such experience, you may want to reconsider engaging him as your wedding photographer.

Singapore Wedding Photography

Singapore Wedding Photography

Also, if you have a strict timeline to follow for your actual wedding day, you need to notify your wedding photographer as to the time his presence is required. This would also allow him to check if he has any other commitments during that day and time.

Lastly, there are some wedding couples who would like to have two wedding photographers instead of one. This is so that when the groom and brides are starting out their wedding day at their respective houses, all activities held separately can be captured in photographs too. Hence, if you have such preference and expectation, you should inform your wedding photographer and check if he is able to fulfill.


We understand how tough it can be when you have to decide which wedding photographer to engage. As there are so many wedding photographers out there with similar backgrounds and experiences, we hope that these tips would help in narrowing down your choice!

Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services!

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