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Celebrate The Love: Delve Into The Pre Wedding Photography Process With Amy & Yong Ding

Celebrate the Love: Delve Into The Pre Wedding Photography Process With Amy & Yong Ding

At La Belle Couture, we believe that every wedding should be an unforgettable experience, just like your wedding photography!

Just like a wedding, every set of wedding photos are unique because it represents your personalities as a whole. It is almost like putting the magic in your relationship into still shots.

In this article, we share the journey with one of our favourite couples, Amy & Yong Ding ,as they visit 3 breathtaking pre wedding photography locations for their delightful couple wedding photoshoot.

Pre Wedding Photography Location #1:   Fort Canning

Fort Canning Park is a popular pre wedding photography destination for newlyweds in Singapore due to its vibrant green lawn and peaceful tranquility. Although many couples would jump at the opportunity to pose with the iconic spiral staircase and white arch, we thought that the foliage was a pretty good spot for romantic wedding photos.

The stunning bride was dressed in an off-the-shoulder baby blue gown while the dashing groom donned a white suit to complement the warm tones of the dreamy theme.

We think Amy resembled a princess straight out of a fairy tale with her bouquet of flowers and floral wreath headdress. Bubbles were released during the shoot to provide a more whimsical effect as the couple shared a passionate kiss.

Pre Wedding Photography Location #2: National Gallery

The National Gallery may be steep in history, but it also stands as a special place for couples who celebrate their future. When you step inside the National Gallery, it is almost as if you have been transported out of Modern Singapore and into the courtyards of a vintage British era.

In this  pre wedding photo, Amy and Yong Ding posed hand-in-hand while surrounded by the richness of colonial architecture.

With the cerulean sky in the open space above matching the alluring blue gown of the bride, the bubbly smile on Amy’s face really brightened up this pre wedding shot. Of course, the tender look in the groom’s eyes completed everything! Aw.

Through the wonders of aerial photography, we captured a sneak shot at the pair immersed in their pretty romantic hideout Don’t you think the  flowing train of the gown offers the illusion of a scenic waterfall amidst a garden?

The modern glass panels form a perfect contrast with the old-fashioned window shutters in the background. The groom admires his beautiful bride as she wears an expression of thoughtful bliss. The colours blue and white set the tone in a recurring theme, which respectively represent the purity and trust that is found in marriage.

Pre Wedding Photography Location #3: Upper Seletar Reservoir

Our newlyweds swapped their outfits for their formal attires and enjoyed the soft glow of the sun-setting sky.

This is an ideal time for outdoor pre wedding photography, especially if you want to capture the pink and orange hues in the skies. Plus, the reservoir offers a panoramic perspective of land, water and air, expressing that love knows no bounds. A lone tree stands as an eternal witness , watching over the everlasting union of the couple.

For this set of pre wedding photos, Amy opted for an alluring white wedding gown with an elegant veil swept behind her hair. Yong Ding brought out his dashing side with a navy blue suit with grey undertones.

For a more personal shot, we thought that it would be nice for Yong Ding to drape his coat over Amy’s shoulders. It presented a final gesture of affection, especially when he adoringly hugged her from behind. It was a sign that he was going to protect her for the rest of their lives, together. Aw!

What are your thoughts on the pre wedding photography shots above? We hope that the photos have inspired you for your very own pre wedding photography plans (or given you location ideas for your wedding photos!). Do you have any other couple photo shoot places in mind? How can photographers help create your special moments? Feel free to let us know!

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