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Check Out These Sparkling And Dazzling Bridal Gowns For This Christmas Season! Part II

Check Out These Sparkling And Dazzling Bridal Gowns for This Christmas Season! Part II

Last week, we shared 3 sparkling and dazzling bridal gowns in conjunction with the Christmas season. Today, we will be continuing with the festive mood! But this time round, you will be in on a slightly different ride with other popular colours.

Aside the reds and greens, other Christmas colors include gold, white, and blue! These other Christmas colours have a story to tell too for their relation to Christmas!

Sparkling And Dazzling Bridal Gowns for This Christmas Season #1: Champagne Gold Bridal Gown

While gold is a popular colour for Christmas, it would be a little too rich for the entire bridal gown design to be in gold!

In any case, gold is the colour of the sun and light, both of which are very important in the dark winter. Together with red, both colours are colours of fire that keeps you warm. Apart from that, gold was also one of the presents brought to the baby Jesus by one of the wise men. Traditionally, it is the colour used to show the star that the wise men followed.

This champagne gold bridal gown was chosen in this article because it is milder in colour and unsurprisingly more elegant and alluring as bridal gowns.

Champagne Gold Evening Gown

Champagne Gold Evening Gown


Spicing things up with some oozing sexiness, this bridal gown is held by an alluring halter neckline. Such necklines allow you to flaunt your sexy shoulders and flawless back. Additionally, it also helps to hold the waist more tightly together, creating a slimmer waistline than it already is.

What makes this bridal gown design different is the skirt. As opposed to the popular tulle skirt, this Satin skirt creates structure and a flow altogether. With the slight sheen of the champagne satin, it sure create a shimmering effect that bodes with the Christmas mood!

Sparkling And Dazzling Bridal Gowns for This Christmas Season #2: White and Blue Bridal Gown

Ok ok, yes we are “cheating” here a little by putting two colours into one. But looking at this enchanting piece of bridal gown, how can anyone have the heart to say no?

White and Blue Evening Gown

White and Blue Evening Gown


Going back to Catholicism, blue is often associated to Mary Mother, the mother of Jesus. In medieval times, blue dye and paint was more expensive than gold. Thus, it was only worn by the Royal families and very rich people. More commonly known, blue represents the colour of. the sky and heaven.

The above bridal gown also features an alluring halter neckline, the only difference is that its collar is of oriental mandarin collar style. Its blue lace designs are spread equally across the whole bridal gown and definitely hard to miss! The most captivating feature of this bridal gown is that it has high slits on both sides of the dress – definitely going to wow the crowd!

Sparkling And Dazzling Bridal Gowns for This Christmas Season #3: White and Gold Bridal Gown

White and Gold Evening Gown

White and Gold Evening Gown


Putting white and gold together, we cannot help but think of a white Christmas! The reason for white being oftenly used for Christmas season is because of its association with purity and peace in western cultures. Of course, snow is white as well.


Going back to religion, white paper wafers were also sometimes used to decorate paradise trees. Lastly, white is used by most churches as the colour of Christmas, then the altar is covered with a white cloth.

This above bridal gown can also similarly be used as your white wedding gown with gold details on. This victorian-inspired style is no doubt most probably going to be donned for matrimony church wedding ceremony as it complements the architectural designs of a church. However, it is definitely versatile to be used for non-matrimony church weddings too!


After sharing some of our bridal gowns that are perfect fit for this Christmas season, do you think that they certainly helps to create the festive mood? Out of all the bridal gowns we have shared, which is your favourite bridal gown and why?

Last but not least, LaBelle Couture would like to wish each and every bride to be and graduated brides, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance!


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