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Check Out These Sparkling And Dazzling Bridal Gowns For This Christmas Season! Part I

Check Out These Sparkling And Dazzling Bridal Gowns for This Christmas Season! Part I

This is a season to be jolly! Yes, December is our favourite month of the year because of all the beautiful Christmas decorations and well, FOOD! Yums!

Today, we will be sharing some of our very stunning bridal gowns which showcases their own Christmassy festive mood too!

Let us know which are your favourite ones when you drop by for gown fitting, would you?

Sparkling And Dazzling Bridal Gowns for This Christmas Season #1: Red Bridal Gown

Do you know why red is frequently seen used for the Christmas season? Be it decorations or why does the Santa family don red as their main colour theme?

This is because, in the garden of Eden, a pine tree with red apples were tied to it. This is known as the ‘Paradise Tree’. These red apples represent the fall of Adam and is also the colour of the Holly berries.

More commonly known, red represents blood which were seen when Jesus sacrificed his life when he died on the cross.

We’d picked out our favourite red bridal gown from our latest gown collection Floraison as shown below!

Red Bridal Gown

Red Bridal Gown


With a deep V-neckline to flaunt your womanly assets that goes all the way to your torso, we can’t help but think how sexy this bridal gown is!

Pieced together with its intricate lace embroidery in baroque Victorian design, suddenly this one solid colour bridal gown comes to live. It creates a more sensual and 3D feel, don’t you agree? Definitely in the mood for Christmas!

Sparkling And Dazzling Bridal Gowns for This Christmas Season #2: Emerald Bridal Gown

It is not everyday that you chance upon a gorgeous bridal gown in a unique colour such as emerald! With such an exquisite colour, we are sure that the bride donning this would be a definite head-turner!

So, why green for Christmas? Evergreen plants such as the mistletoe has been used to decorate buildings to brighten them up during the long dark winter. The Romans would also exchange evergreen branches as a sign of good luck!

Just check out its mermaid cutting that hugs your feminine curve perfectly, creating a slim silhouette. Who wouldn’t want that?

Emerald Evening Gown

Emerald Evening Gown


Don’t worry if you do not have an hourglass figure, a mermaid cutting bridal gown would amplify whatever curves you have. As it hugs snugly onto your body, it helps to create a bigger booty – if that is what you are hoping to have!

With its lace mesh hem and train of the gown, we must say this is a cleverly chosen design as it softens the somewhat harshness of the emerald colour. If you are concerned that emerald may look off on you, the lace mesh also helps to create a softer look, toning the colour down.

Sparkling And Dazzling Bridal Gowns for This Christmas Season #3: Red and Emerald Bridal Gown

Lo and Behold! Now, what if we put the two colours together in a single piece of bridal gown? Time for a visual feast of our charming bridal gown consists of BOTH red and emerald!

Red and emerald evening gown

Red and emerald evening gown


An alluring halter neckline that is put together with an illusion backline, with red and emerald lace embroidery which seemingly looks like mistletoe. Just perfect for the Christmas, don’t you think?


Carefully selected to showcase the above bridal gowns, these are three sparkling and dazzling bridal gowns to get you to indulge in the Christmas mood this December!


Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services!

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