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Choosing a Wedding Date

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Many brides fret when it comes to choosing the perfect date to get married. “Better safe than sorry”, you say? Such concerns are perfectly legit–after all, weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime affair! We hear your concerns, so today’s post is a guide to choosing your perfect wedding date.


Generally, most couples in Singapore start planning for their wedding 1 to 1.5 years ahead, and choosing the ROM date should be the top priority in their to do list.

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For Chinese couples, the Tong Shu (通书) is used as a tradition however the dates may vary among different publications of the Tong Shu.


List of auspiscious dates to get married in 2015. Credit:

In authentic date selection, the couple’s Bazi (birthday and time of birth) have to be taken into consideration to ensure that the selected date and the couple’s Bazi are compatible. An auspicious date listed in the Tong Shu can still turn out to be inauspicious if the selected date and the couple’s Bazi are incompatible.

As a rule of thumb, the 1st and 15th of each month are generally regarded as auspicious. The 7th month, qingming (清明) and any dates with a “4” are usually regarded as inauspicious, and are to be avoided due to their association with death.

Apart from these auspicious dates, there are also popular dates too, due to special characteristics of the numerics. For instance, there was a record breaking number of couples getting married in the year of 2011 on 11 November (11-11-11), as well as 12 Dec 2012 (12-12-12). For this year, 01 Mar 2014 also proved to be a popular date (1-3-14) which, when translated, means yishengyishi(一生一世)–A lifetime forever.

For the more cautious at heart, there are other dates to bear in mind as well. These include dates for the installation of bridal bed, guo da li (过大礼)and wedding lunch/dinner ceremonies.

In addition, there are practical concerns to consider too. These include:

  • Whether to have the wedding on a weekday or weekend;
  • Beginning or end of the year;
  • Indoors or outdoors. For outdoor weddings, one should pay attention to the monsoon season too.


This gives rise to another question: Who should be involved in the choosing of date(s)? Especially in the event of the potential clash in thinking of different generations, it is essential to be mindful of this. For example, possible conflicts might arise when the older generation is more careful with tradition and superstitions, whereas the younger generation might dismiss them as old-wives tales. The key here is to always be respectful and communicate well with the families involved. Remember: marriage is for life, and there is no sense to fight unnecessarily with your in-laws over dates! Sometimes a give-and-take attitude might work better.

Popular geomancers in Singapore include:

If you want to source for geomancers on your own, the Bugis area has quite a few of them too at Si Ma Lu. Rates range from 38SGD to 288SGD for the consultation of an auspicious date.

Some smart tips for planning the ideal wedding

1.If you are planning to choose an auspicious or a popular date, be mindful to start the preparation and planning of the wedding earlier. Do not procrastinate! Memorable or auspicious dates are snapped up really quickly.

2.Prestigious venues and reputable vendors such as photographers and videographers usually get booked up really quickly, so be sure to act with speed.

3- Take note of timing constraints. For example, if you are having your ROM ceremony on the same day as your dinner ceremony, do arrange a suitable time with your solemnizer. The key is to be sure to have some time for rest and travel. More often than not, no matter how well-planned a wedding is, there is bound to be last minute hiccups. So do plan some space for unexpected occurrences too!

4 – Expect to pay a premium for auspicious dates especially for venues and some other vendors. This is demand and supply at work– popular dates and venues simply raise prices! Alternatively, if budget is a constraint, be prepared to forgo some other items on your wedding list if the date or venue is a non-negotiable.

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