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Choosing The Perfect Wedding Gown? Then Bear In Mind These 3 Useful Tips When Trying On! Part I

Choosing The Perfect Wedding Gown? Then Bear In Mind These 3 Useful Tips When Trying On! Part I

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The most exciting part when it comes to planning a wedding is to choose your perfect wedding gown! So naturally, when the day to choose your wedding gowns come, we can understand how exciting yet confused you may get. This is especially so for first time brides.

But not to worry, with our several years of experience dealing with the jitters of first time brides, when it comes to Choosing The Perfect Wedding Gown, you can count on us!

On the day of Choosing The Perfect Wedding Gown, these are some useful tips which you may wish to bear in mind!

Useful Tips When Choosing The Perfect Wedding Gown #1: Try On A Few Wedding Gowns Of Different Cuts

If you are swept off your feet by the many gorgeous wedding gowns which come in all colours, designs and cuttings, it is good to first try a few wedding gowns cuts to have an idea on what complements your body shape!

Singapore Wedding Gowns

Singapore Wedding Gowns


While you may already have an idea of what kind of wedding gowns you want to wear, your opinion might change when you wear them. What you imagine your ideal wedding gown designs may not look that ideal after you have tried them on. Hence, don’t limit yourself to any design and cutting, try on a variety of wedding gowns with an open mind!

Remember, good things are meant to wait. Just like how you have taken some time to find your perfect ideal partner, the same goes when it comes to choosing your perfect ideal wedding gown. Don’t rush into things and choose something that you regret after that.

Useful Tips When Choosing The Perfect Wedding Gown #2: But Don’t Try On One Too Many Wedding Gowns

While it is good to know what kind of wedding gown cut suits you best, but trying on one too many wedding gowns will most probably cause you much confusion and indecisiveness.

Trying on too many wedding gowns is time-consuming and induces quite a fair bit of anxiety. If you were to try on too many wedding gowns, chances of remembering all of their looks are not possible. You will miss out details on the wedding gowns as well, and that is not encouraged. Plus, you might start to confuse yourself since there are so many wedding gown designs.

Wedding Gowns

Wedding Gowns


If we have to choose a magical number of wedding gowns to try on before deciding which one to wear on your wedding day, ten would be just alright!

Useful Tips When Choosing The Perfect Wedding Gown #3: Bringing An Audience Is Not Compulsory

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to bringing an audience during your wedding gown fitting sessions. Too big of an audience, though, provide more advices and opinions. This can eventually backfire when it creates even more confusion. Thus, don’t feel compelled to bring along your horde of girlfriends, mother, mother-in-laws, sisters, cousins…you get the idea. It would only cause more headaches!

At most, bring 1 trusted friend to help you pick the right wedding gown. That friend has to be someone who is able to know what suits you best AND what makes you the most confident bride. That way, your wedding gown selection will be enjoyable!

Wedding Gowns Singapore

Wedding Gowns Singapore


Lastly, don’t all brides dress in their wedding gowns wanting to impress the love of their lives anyway?


Bearing in mind these useful tips when trying on and Choosing The Perfect Wedding Gown, we hope that the stress and confusion would be reduced! We will be sharing more other tips in our Part II article, so stay tuned!


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