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Choosing Your 2016 Auspicious Wedding Date Made Easy

Choosing Your 2016 Auspicious Wedding Date Made Easy

‘You can choose any wedding date. Doesn’t have to be auspicious. Can put as many 4s you want in the date. No problem!’

said….no (or perhaps not many) parents ever.

To some of you, a wedding date is chosen based on availability of the hotel venue, or just a random Saturday/Sunday since peope usually have no work during the weekends! The wedding date may also represent a significant value (e.g the date you had your first kiss date).

However, your parents may think otherwise and insist on choosing an auspicious date!

Before you groan about it, lets not forget that you parents want the best for you! After all, they watched you grow up, go through major hurdles and walked with you through the good and hard times. Now that you are going to enter into a new phase and be away from them, your parents will be happy yet worried for you!

They just want to ensure that your wedding can go very smoothly. So just grit your teeth and listen to what they have to share!

So now, lets go through the basic steps on how an auspicious date is selected!

25092015_chinese calendar_photoshop

As seen above, there are two types of calendars, namely Gregorian and Chinese. The Gregorian calendar is the main calendar people follow!, while the Chinese calendar is determined by the lunar movement.

Under the Gregorian numerics, this chinese characters are something you should look out for:

宜 = good for (something)

忌 = bad for (something)

In the image, the character 宜 is highlighted as it is more commonly used when it comes to selecting the auspicious wedding date.

So here at宜 , you will be able to see what events are ‘good’ on this day. Look out for this terms, such as 嫁娶, 结婚纳彩 and安床when you are choosing your auspicious date! It is essential to note that certain days are not recommended for all joyous events (including weddings of course!). In such cases, there will be a term called 不宜诸吉事under the 宜 section.

Now that you know how wedding dates are selected, you can consider a career switch!

Just kidding ! This is a simple guide to how you can choose your auspicious date.

However, if your parents are adamant on finding the right date, it is recommended to seek for a experienced geomancer as there are several factors to take into account, such as horoscope, and even your 8 characters!

However, do expect to pay a premium price for auspicious wedding dates as those dates are likely to sell like hot cakes.

Normally, it is impossible to book your vendors if you have yet to have gotten down to a wedding date. So, it is highly encouraged to prepare  a list of vendors (e.g photographer, videographer, props, even rental of gowns) you wish to work with (and an additional contingency plan) once you have booked the wedding date. As mentioned earlier, auspicious dates are very popular and if you take your own sweet time, chances are you are not going to hire the league of extraordinary vendors you already have in mind!

According to Kiasu Brides, here’s a list of auspicious dates for 2016!

25092015_choosing auspicious_1

25092015_choosing auspicious_2

We hope that you will be able to find a wedding date that is both auspicious and meaningful to both of you!

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