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Choosing The Perfect Wedding Gown? Then Bear In Mind These 3 Useful Tips When Trying On! Part II

Choosing The Perfect Wedding Gown? Then Bear In Mind These 3 Useful Tips When Trying On! Part II

Our previous article on Part I has garnered several positive feedback from brides telling us that those tips we’d shared were very useful. And we are glad you girls like them!

In this article, we will continue to share some useful tips on choosing the perfect wedding gown!

Useful Tips When Choosing The Perfect Wedding Gown #1: Bring Along Your Nude Undergarments

While the choice of your wedding gown is important, little do most people always neglect is what’s on the inside! We don’t mean your personality (although it doesn’t hurt to be nice), but what we’re referring to is your undergarments!

By undergarments, we mean both bra and underwear. On the day of choosing and trying your wedding gown, you would need to consider the choice of your undergarments too. What we advise is to choose or bring along nude undergarments and preferably choose to wear them on your pre-wedding photography session as well as wedding day!

Reason being, there are several beautiful wedding gown designs that are low-back, low neckline, or illusion back, and those body-hugging cutting such as mermaid wedding gowns which you may intend to try on.

Nude Undergarments

By wearing appropriate and correct set of nude undergarments, you would be able to visualise the complete look for your wedding day. For example, it may not be sightly to have a strapless red bra sticking out at the back while wearing a bareback wedding gown, isn’t it?

Low-back Wedding Gown

Low-back Wedding Gown


The same goes for the currently trending white-coloured lace mesh illusion design wedding gowns which can be translucent. Imagine donning a dark-coloured underwear, well, that colour contrast is certainly not the perfect overall look you want to have. You would be able to better focus on other details of your wedding gowns too!

Useful Tips When Choosing The Perfect Wedding Gown #2: Pick And Match Your Wedding Accessories


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Whether you should wear a pair of dazzling dangling teardrop earrings or simple shiny diamond studs, you should pick and match your wedding accessories there and then. By that, we mean to say, have fun completing your wedding dress by choosing and trying out different wedding accessories available at your bridal boutique. If you have already bought our own wedding accessories, bring them along when you choose your wedding gowns too!

Having said this, don’t have a fixed set of wedding accessories to match with your wedding gown. Since your wedding gown has a lot more attention as compared to your accessories, you shouldn’t be focusing on your wedding accessory. Instead, you can take this chance to kind of understand what you can match with your wedding gown.

Fret not if you have no idea what to complement with your bridal gown. The person who is in charge of your wedding should be able to advise on the accessories to go for!

Useful Tips When Choosing The Perfect Wedding Gown #3: Bring Along Your Wedding Heels

Lastly, another important detail which affects your whole wedding outfit is your wedding heels. Although we would advise against buying them before you choose your wedding gowns, if you have already bought them, you should bring them along when your choose and try your wedding gowns!


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The most common wedding heels colours are white and silver, and most brides would opt for peep-toe cutting than covered heels. However, as the main attention should be placed on your wedding gown, priority should be given to it first. Once you have chosen your wedding gowns, you can then source for a suitable pair of wedding heels. We have previously shared some tips on matching your wedding gowns and heels which would be of interest to you!

If you don’t have the pair of heels for your wedding, you can bring a set of heels that would be of comfortable height!


When choosing the perfect wedding gowns, just go with an opened and relaxed mind. By remembering all these subtle tips, can help your wedding gown selection process be an easier one!

Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services!

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