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Colour Me Gorgeous: 4 Elegant Non-White Wedding Gowns And What They Represent

Colour Me Gorgeous: 4 Elegant Non-White Wedding Gowns and What They Represent

Many of us would agree that wedding gowns are created to transform any lady into the most beautiful woman in the room.  They make brides feel incredible and one-of-a-kind.!

Traditionally, most wedding gowns come in shades of ivory. As it represents a state of purity and bliss, it symbolises the start of something new as a bride enters marriage life. Don’t get us wrong, we adore white wedding gowns and we believe you will look angelic in them!

But on top of just a white wedding gown, non-white hues are quickly catching up in trend. In this article, we introduce 4 awesome alternatives for white and what they mean.

Non-White Wedding Gowns#1: “There Is A Shade Of Red For Every Woman”

In the Eastern culture, red is synonymous with fortune and prosperity. As such, many traditional weddings tend to favour the colour red in bridal themes.

Red is not only a colour of tradition, but it is ideal for brides who wish to stand out. If you want to be seen as an icon of boldness and allure, then a red bridal gown will be a hit. A bonus would be how shades of red lend a touch of passion and energy. It is no surprise to leave a lasting impression on the minds of your guests!

If you want subtle hints of reds, then your next best choice will be bridal gowns in maroon or garnet. Darker shades are tailored to brides of womanliness and elegance.

Non-White Wedding Gowns #2: “Women Who Wear Black Lead Colourful Lives”

To most ladies, black is a staple colour because of how it immediately lends elegance and a slimming effect. Think about it! Almost every lady has their trusty little black dress. So we thought, why not add this timeless colour into a non-white wedding gown?

However, it is often not the first choice when it comes to a non-white wedding gown. After all, they are often seen as taboo and usually linked with sombre occasions. Older folks will usually advise the brides to avoid them like the plague during their wedding day.The most common reason would be to repel bad luck!

If you are a modern bride who doesn’t buy into superstitions, then a black wedding gown may be a refreshing alternative. Because of its accompanying darkness, it reflects sophistication and ferocity. Like drawing a moth to a flame, your guests will be mystified by your brave move.

Non-White Wedding Gowns #3: “There Will Always Be A Blue Sky Waiting Behind The Clouds”

It is amazing how the skies can create many beautiful shades of blue. Because of its versatility, blue possesses a wide spectrum of qualities. From purity and femininity, to elegance and poise, it has unceasingly lent us inspiration over the years. Darker shades of navy blue can evoke the sensual brilliance of the bride.

As famously quoted by Christian Dior, Midnight blue is a shade that can compete with black. So if you are teetering between going for a black wedding gown and offending your relatives, then midnight blue will be your next best bet.

For a stroke of princess vibes and magical appeal, let your inner Cinderella shine in a light blue wedding gown. You will definitely be prepared for your happily-ever-after.

Non-White Wedding Gowns  #4: “Anything Is Possible With Sunshine, And A Little Pink”

Why not look pretty in pink for your big occasion?

Pink is the ultimate symbol of gentle femininity and alludes to romance and devotion in a marriage. Brides can appear fresh and slightly flirtatious with pink numbers made from light fabric that accentuate their womanly features.

Selecting the perfect pink wedding gown will transform you into an enchanted rose on your wedding day. Besides, it would be a wonderful feeling to captivate everyone at your wedding! captivating all who lay their eyes upon you.

***And there you have it! These are just some of the available hues that give traditional white/ivory gowns a run for the money.

Are you confident in challenging white gown stereotypes or are you more of a traditionalist at heart? Either way, we are sure you will look ravishing on your wedding day with the right dose of preparation!

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