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Confessions Of A Naturally Skinny Bride And Her Wedding Dress

Confessions Of A Naturally Skinny Bride And Her Wedding Dress

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The following is a heartfelt account by an anonymous skinny bride who shared her experience with La Belle Couture.

Hello everybody!

Usually, the topic of being skinny is rarely discussed. This is probably due to the notion of how being skinny is counted as one’s biggest blessing and that a skinny person shouldn’t complain about being too stick thin!

People always advise me to ‘eat more’ since I am ‘so skinny’ and I ‘can afford to put on weight. Truth is, I do have a great appetite and there is always space for second portions, let alone desserts! Perhaps I should record myself shoving my mouth with a handful of salted chips and greasy chicken wings, and play it in their faces whenever I get such comments? Sounds like a plan!

Don’t get me wrong. I think it is an absolute blessing to eat as much as I want and not put on weight that easily. But, I am also trying my best to put on a little meat on my bones! And when I complain about not gaining weight despite having just filled my tummy with lots of unhealthy junk, people roll their eyes at me and I can sense an ominous feeling emitting out of their eyes… but that’s not the point!


Skinny Bride Confession – Not a Fan of Looking Thin

Truth be told, I don’t like looking so thin. One thing is because of how I look like I might get blown by a gust of wind (another popular comment by friends and no, I don’t get blown by the wind that easily. I wish I could fly, but life is just like that). I don’t really like it when strangers give me that weird look as if they are expecting me to fall apart because I look like a walking bag of bones! In fact, I have received comments on how I look like I have an eating disorder. By the way, that is in no way a compliment! There are people, both brides, and grooms, who struggle with such issues! So don’t easily label skinny people that way not only because it isn’t polite, but it belittles the problem!

Friends have always mentioned how lucky I am to have such a skinny frame as I have no problems looking good in any clothes. Hold the phone, that isn’t true at all! I have the struggle of finding jeans that fit nicely and I have to always prepare nice-looking belts because most bottoms don’t hug my hips nicely. Plus, when I wear a supposedly trendy baggy top, I end up looking like a very sad sack.

Friends have also commented on how lucky I was because I didn’t need to diet to lose more weight and look great on my wedding day! That is absurd alright?! Yes, it is okay to exercise and to be more toned on your wedding day. After all, every bride wants to look their best. But to diet and starve yourself? I don’t think it is ever worth the health risks and consequences. There’s little logic in envying a skinny bride!


Bridal Confession – Selecting My Wedding Dress

skinny bride

When I was browsing through wedding gowns on different websites, I was so excited to adorn one! I mean, I am finally a bride and I want to look absolutely great in a perfect wedding dress…and I thought it might be easier than I thought…

Things didn’t pan out the way I expected. The wedding gowns were so huge on me that it got me gaping. I understand that in Singapore, the rental of wedding gowns is common. This also means that the bridal gowns are usually adjustable to different sizes with cross-back details. But when I tried on any wedding gown, the bridal expert had to literally tie the wedding gown as tightly as possible so that I can walk out of the changing room without the worry about revealed b**bs (or for the lack of them….whatever!)

Also, did you know that wedding dresses weigh like…I don’t know…a tonne? When I walked out of the changing room, I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world. The wedding gown was way too heavy and I could hear my bones shouting at me for abusing them. And when I looked into the mirror, I didn’t have that blissful feeling that most brides would have when they see themselves in a stunning bridal gown. On the contrary, I felt that I looked like a child who is trying too hard to fit into the shoes of a bride….and clearly I was failing at it.

Nonetheless, my bridal expert managed to recommend me wedding dresses that were more lightweight for my lack of muscles. On top of that, I didn’t look emaciated, which was one of my major concerns!

Weddings only happen once and it is important for brides to feel their best when they slip onto their wedding gowns! However, you can’t achieve that merely by looking through bridal magazines and being inspired by a certain design. Instead, you should rely on the expertise of a bridal guru and let them help you pick the right wedding dress! Don’t you agree? 🙂 Take it from a proud skinny bride!

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