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Confessions Of A Petite Bride

Confessions Of A Petite Bride

Hello! Please don’t look down on me (literally). I may hover between 150cm to 155cm but I can be feisty. I can be the chili padi.

Who am I kidding. It doesn’t matter how tough I really am because all these things do not reflect well on my small frame.

Generally, people think I am very fragile. If I were to injure myself, the response is 7 times more than when a person of a normal/tall frame gets injured. I suppose they expect my bones to be as weak as my frame. Imagine if that were really true…

I might have died 9 times. I could be a cat! I COULD BE CAT WOMAN.

Credits: Buzzfeed

It is kind of cute, albeit slightly annoying, when my friends flock over me and hug me like I am their toy. They sometimes treat me like a child. For example, they look out for me when I cross the road or feed me food because I am tiny and require more nutrition.

It does feel great to be treated like a princess, but there are days when I feel that it can be overbearing. Seriously, I am capable of taking care of myself. I am small AND independent.

Also, I feel bad for those who are of an average height or taller. Because of my size, people are more inclined to forgive me for my mistakes, as compared to the latter. Perhaps they think that my frame dictates my competency to execute any tasks…

…Which also means I need to work a lot more harder to prove my worth or even to be heard, both figuratively and literally. Typically, most envision a successful person as one with height, and I obviously lack of that. I compensate that with 5 inch heels but I may finally snap a bone if I wear them too often.

When I was proposed to, I was sooooooooo excited to select my gowns. Every bride looks forward to that right! You can try different cuts and pretend to be Kate Middleton while my husband pretend to be Prince William…

Or that’s what I thought would happen.

In reality, it was difficult to find a gown that suit my frame. Everything was either too loud or big on me. A taller woman can pull off a gown with those really nice ruffles.


Evidently I didn’t turn out like that. I looked like a lump of whipped cream, with a head and limbs. Talk about mutation pfft.

Nonetheless, there’s always a way out. I got my bridal consultant to tailor the dress so that it fits my frame properly and gives me height as well. For the first time in my entire life, I felt like I could be the prettiest bride and I was above everybody else!

It is amazing how one can feel the tallest, even if they are the shortest. After all, as a bride, you will stand out the most! But that’s only possible if you have a consultant who is able to understand your needs and be able to recommend gowns that uplifts you, in terms of confidence and appearance.

So to all petite brides, don’t be in despair, petite brides! Don’t let a gown make you feel worse about your frame. Remember, you will always be well taken care of by those who think you are fragile 😉

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