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Confessions Of A Tall Bride

Confessions Of A Tall Bride

You know how in every class photo, there is always those few individuals who stand out in the photo? It isn’t because they have 3 arms sprouting out of their eye sockets or have long strands of nostril hair; it is because their heads usually stick out awkwardly in the picture, like giraffes in the wilderness.

I am one of those individuals and it is always people like us who frustrate most photographers. It isn’t as if we aren’t frustrated with our heights.

Whenever my relatives visit us (or vice versa), they, especially my uncles, ask me this particular question:

‘You so tall, how to find boyfriend? Singapore guys so short one!’

And all I do is to stare blankly, with the occasional angry retorts that I can’t say it aloud because you know, relatives are always sensitive. Personally, I am more worried about hitting my head against the top of any door than finding a boyfriend. Besides, most men are too intimidated by my tall frame. And besides X2 … inner beauty matters most…right?

On the other hand, most girls envy me for my endless legs and arms and wished they had them. Sometimes, they say I can be a Victoria Secret Model. I am not quite sure about that. I understand that most models are tall, but not every tall girl wants to be a model! Besides, being a model takes a whole new level of confidence, and I am as shaky as a kitten.

To be honest, I don’t fancy my limbs at all times. Sure, my pins look great in shorts and jeans. Sure I look like a runway model!

Although I get to breathe fresh air in a very packed train (I’ve seen petite girls suffering from the wrath of armpits right above their heads or noses), it is very intimidating for me to tower over most people. I can actually feel their eyes on me.

In addition, most clothes look too short on me. Normal tops that look perfect on average size girls will look nothing but ridiculous on me. Also, pants always, and always, stop right above my ankle! But I am not complaining about the latter since that it is in the current trend now. I don’t need waste money on any tailoring 😉

This applies to my gowns as well! Brides are only graceful when the hem of the gowns lightly grazes the floor. Not in my case. I just look like this weird lady who is trying really, really hard to fit into children’s clothes.

But then again, I am pretty satisfied with my height. I can afford to ‘lose’ abit legs and waist, and I can afford to be less fussy about appearing stout. After all, my frame sort of permits me to bite (my height) more than I can chew.

Also, it is very fun to glower at people who eye on me like I am some display. I feel a little like Gandalf (Google if you will).

What about you, tall brides? How do you feel about being that tall? Personally, I don’t think you should feel inferior about it. Instead, you should embrace it. Every asset is a gift and not a curse.


P.S I am not the model in the photo. I wish I was though 🙁 But what she’s wearing is from La Belle Couture’s latest collection, Legends. This means we now have the chance to look like a legendary icon! Ask at if you are secretly a legend inside. If you are tall, mention that in the email too! Or visit us here!

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