By Laurenzo Overee
Crafting the ideal wedding speech might seem like a heroic feat, especially for introverted brides. Seriously, what do you even say? It might even give the same jitters you had when presenting a project in front of the entire class back in the good old school days.
What if you go on and on like a broken recorder, or perhaps it’s too short? Questions, questions, questions, all fueling self-doubt. To add, it’s your big day, and you might find yourself obsessing over how you look while you deliver your message. Gasp – how does one even manage?!
Not to fear, La Belle is here. As the old corny but true saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. So we have come up with a systematic flow to keep your speech in check. The following wedding speech elements will give your delivery some depth and variety, and you may apply them in no fixed order.

Wedding Speech Element #1 – Show Gratitude

Part of the wedding involves giving thanks to everyone in attendance and precious ones who couldn’t show up for myriad reasons. So it’s only fitting that your speech includes a segment where you specifically thank the beautiful souls who made your union and big day a reality.
If you have an excellent memory, great, show gratitude offhand. However, if you are the type of bride who can’t even remember what she had for breakfast yesterday, come up with a list. A written note of people to thank will help you avoid omitted mentions and black faces in the crowd. Also, depending on the service quality, don’t forget to include shoutouts to vendors, hotel staff, and anybody else who helped out at the event in some way!

Wedding Speech Element #2 – Profess Love

Professing your love at your wedding should be a grant. It’s like you expect to eat at a restaurant or swim at a pool. Yet, some couples get so busy during the wedding that they forget about the main purpose of the event (it’s true).
The wedding speech is the perfect moment to read a sonnet or sing an original serenade to your partner. But try not to hog the spotlight with a lengthy talent exhibition. Darling, it’s your wedding, not Asia’s Got Talent. However, as sappy as it sounds, you should own the stage and let your love permeate the banquet hall. Of course, unless your partner specifically requested to tone it down. If so, do it at your peril.

Wedding Speech Element #3 – Lighten the Mood

So, you reach the special moment, dressed in a fabulous wedding gown of your dreams and facing the audience you just thanked. What’s next? Don’t be still or awkward. Throw in a funny narrative or crack a joke to lighten the mood!
Some cool ideas include how you and your partner met under dramatic circumstances or your pet’s comical reaction when it realised it wasn’t invited to the wedding. Lightening the mood creates a more relaxing ambiance for everyone, which enhances the wedding experience. So, brainstorm with your partner!

Wedding Speech Element #4 – The Big Finish

As with any presentation, the finish to your wedding speech matters as much as its opening. An abrupt end to your speech ruins the whole effort, and yes, prepare for some awkward smiles and “crickets” in the ballroom. Instead, consider a well-prepared conclusion with a final thank you and perhaps a parting statement to enjoy the rest of the evening or meal. Then, you can exit the stage gracefully in your wedding gown, like a true queen.
While we have provided a general outline of a wedding speech, what matters most is that you customise the delivery according to your style. Your loved ones can quickly spot a heavily scripted speech, so speak genuinely and let your true self shine!
The La Belle team is always here to guide you through every step of the prep work, from selecting the prettiest wedding gown to planning your dream bridal shoot.  Contact us or drop by to say Hi on social media to start your journey with us!


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