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Crafty DIY Weddings are All The Rage

DIYing certain elements of your wedding will not just save cost but add an intimate personalized touch that sets you apart. You can then splurge on other areas such as wedding dresses that require more expertise and can’t be easily replicated. Don’t know what to do for your hen’s night? Gather a bunch of girls and get crafting! Many heads are always better than 1.

Here are some quick DIY options that pack a punch with minimum effort.

Quick Reminders

Keep to your wedding colour theme at all times

Where are you placing it?

How are you placing it? Hang, tie, tape, etc.

How large is the space?

Teabags or Spicebags

A good bet is that you have gone to many weddings with wedding favours that collect dust at home. Combining function and fashion will kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

Who doesn’t love a spot of tea or use some spices? Pun intended slogans like “Brewed with Love” and “The Spice of Life” can be printed onto sticker labels, for added customization. This tutorial incudes the satchel and the tag, enlarge everything according if you want a larger size.

la-belle-couture-diy-weddingSee tutorial

Love Songs CD

Share your favourite wedding love songs via an exclusive DIY compilation. Choose good quality paper to double as a place setting. Printable at home using an A4 sheet per CD, top with colourful Washi tape or a ribbon for the complete look or keep it minimalistic, the choice is yours. Check out online streaming store Spotify for tunes of all kinds.

A complimentary template is included in the tutorial.


Template and tutorial here

Paper Pom Poms & Yarn Balls

Go crazy with easy to do pom poms or yarn balls of different sizes and colours. Hang them from trees or indoor fixtures. Combine them to create a dramatic backdrop for your banquet reception table or for a centerpiece, tie it around candle filled glass vases for a beautiful pop of colour.




Create pinwheels that spin happily in the wind. Perfect for an outdoor wedding or for a spot of indoor visual candy! Try using different materials (cloth and paper) with various prints and textures to add dimension. Tie ribbons to the dowel for even more movement. Glue buttons, sparkling diamantes to the center for some added bling. Make sure that it doesn’t interfere with the spin!


Paper Rosettes

Combine different size paper with different edging to create and cutouts for a dramatic look and feel.


Tutorial here

Completing the Look

Combine all of the above to create a DIY wedding arch or photography backdrop! You an also sprinkle smaller versions on the centerpiece or tie them as seat decorations. So let your creativity soar, the sky is the limit!





Just for Fun Photo Prop Printables

All you have to do is print it out, mount on hard cardboard and glue it to a dowel. Place a few on each table, it will be sure to entertain your guests for hours, everyone is sure to go selfie crazy. Combine this with an instant live feed of the photos on a large screen for even more fun! There are plenty of free templates online, search for the ones you like.


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Best places in Singapore for DIY wedding materials


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