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Creating Perfect Wedding Montages

Creating Perfect Wedding Montages

Wedding montages are fixtures in most big day celebrations. It is a tapestry that celebrates the lives and times of two individuals, which ultimately leads up to their romantic unity. Slideshows usually include video snippets as well, for amazing moments where a single frame simply doesn’t do justice to the memory. We will be taking a look at key elements in a spectacular wedding montage, which will melt the hearts of your guests. What led to this destined hour with you looking gleeful in your wedding gown? All will be revealed. 

There is no right or wrong when it comes down to wedding montage. The display is personalised according to the experiences of the blissfully wedded couple. However, that doesn’t stop us from visiting some popular themes to get your creative juice flowing!

Popular Ideas for Wedding Montages #1: Childhood

Ah, the bittersweet (or purely sweet for some fortunate ones) innocence of childhood. This is usually a must-have for wedding slides, much to the embarrassment of the bride and groom. Guests are treated to a mind-blowing evolution of the hosts. They will witness the time-sped blossoming of wailing babies, through awkward adolescence, and into fine adults. 


This is also a great opportunity to pay homage to the wonderful people who made it all possible but are no longer with you – perhaps a doting grandpa or domestic helper from yesteryear. 

Popular Ideas for Wedding Montages #2: Pre-wedding Photography

The breathtaking images from your pre-wedding shoot shouldn’t be confined to your wedding album or personal gallery. Why not share them on your big day? Perhaps you’d like to pick out some of the more candid pictures taken during the shoot. This will reveal the genuine emotions you were feeling at the time, which may be masked in a heavily edited wedding album. 


Of course, Pre-wedding photography can provide your montage with dream-like photos as well. However, the challenge lies in perfecting the synergy between reality and fantasy for a flattering yet accurate portrayal of you and your partner. 


Popular Ideas for Wedding Montages #3: The Gatecrashing

Gatecrashing is a potentially traumatic event for the groom. But it is undeniably one of the most entertaining segments for every other non-groomsman person. As such, it is necessary to include scenes from the “performance” in your wedding slideshows. Just remember to keep it safe – so no leaping through flaming hula hoops or any of that fun stuff. 

Be sure to capture the humiliation, the determination, the marching orders of the bridesmaids, and of course, the ang bao-led attendance to the queen in her wedding gown. If well-planned and carefully coordinated, the gatecrashing is sure to have your guests break out in a chorus of chuckles. It is a crime to lighten the mood at the expense of the groom – said no one ever. 

Popular Ideas for Wedding Montages #4: Passion 

So what is it that connects two souls together? (aside from physical attraction) The answer? Shared interest and passion! A wedding slideshow should express the similarities or beautiful contrast between the wedded couple.


If you and your partner enjoy breakdancing in the streets, be sure to add some photos of your most wicked moves. Or maybe you guys enjoy hiking up vertiginous cliffs to admire panoramic views? It doesn’t even have to be dangerous or incredibly adventurous. If you’re both chess masters, take some adorable pics as you square off. If you’re foodies, shoot some images of yourselves with contemplative expressions as you savour that beef goulash. 


Remind the guests of who you are beneath that wedding get-up,  makeup, and bright lights, and why they love you. 




One commonly overlooked perk of wedding montage is that they provide some context for a hearty conversation with your guests. This is especially true for distant relatives, who might be tongue-tied and awkward. As such, slideshows can create a more comfortable and enjoyable wedding environment for every person in attendance. It is one of the best ways for couples to share the precious moments in their lives. 


The La Belle team is excited to resume our dedicated services to bringing smiles to the faces of our brides. We are reminded of how much it means to be a part of your fabulous affair. To our brides, stay safe and beautiful!


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