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Customizing your wedding

Hi brides and grooms to be!

Today’s post will present some inspirational ideas on how to customize your wedding and make it truly yours. When it comes to customization, the trick is in the details– Must customization necessarily be expensive or difficult? What can you customize to make your wedding unique? Can customization be time consuming? We will answer these questions in this post!

1. Aisle Decoration

Aisle decorations—did I hear you wrongly? Actually, it is all possible even in a tropical country like Singapore. An aisle decoration could take place at these venues, for instance: Changi Boardwalk, Botanical Gardens, East Coast Park or Fort Canning Park.

(Source: Pinterest)

Imagine this scene in botanic gardens, or Sentosa Cove! All you need is flowers–either fresh or beautiful artificial ones easily purchased from Chinatown, or Arab Street. Don’t underestimate the power of artificial flowers—they come in vibrant colours and look good forever!

A great place to buy wedding decoration is also via online portals such as taobao, aliexpress or ebay. Be spoilt for choice—These portals not only offer beautiful and inexpensive flowers and ornaments; there are also a wide varieties of them available!

Here are some more ideas:



Usually flowers used for weddings need not be limited to roses. Beautiful purple flowers in simple bottles (easily purchased from IKEA) do the trick too.

Or you can also consider having umbrellas as a form of decoration, on beaches! This is so that your guests can easily pick them up if it gets too sunny:

(Beach wedding aisle:

1. Wedding decoration
Customizing your wedding decoration can be a creative, inexpensive and fun process too! Here are some ideas:


la belle couture customizing wedding 9

(Source: and MerryLove)

Pompoms actually look like flowers, and they are very versatile. You can get them in all shapes, sizes and colours. And best of all—they are reusable, so after your wedding, you can reuse them for another occasion, perhaps your first baby shower?

(Ribbon Wands! Source:

Ribbons, when used correctly, can add a tinge of magic to any wedding. Plus it keeps the kids entertained too!


Here are some out-of-the-world guestbook ideas we have encountered:



Have a wedding blessings tree that you can put in your living room to remind yourself of your big day! What an interesting method of decorating your house, too.

Or, have your guests sign on a wooden chair, where you can put on your balcony:



Or get your guests to express their creative selves on a huge canvas, where they are each entitled to a block of art! Promise them you will frame it up after the wedding.


Wedding cards

Fancy receiving a credit card as a wedding invitation?



Or perhaps, a passport?


(Source: )

Or the ultimate…chocolate bar?




  • Gifts for Guests



We sometimes look at wedding receptions and wonder why couples do not customize the gifts for the guests. After all, too many times guests get cups with a couple figure on them, and too often these gifts get chucked aside to the storeroom after the wedding. Here are two ideas to make the gifts more useful for the guests!

For instance, mints…are meant to be, after much alcohol:



Or let them have mini (cute) flasks of tea and lemonade to soothe their thirst the next morning!



Social Media

Personalise your wedding with hashtags!

For instance, if Carol is getting married to Carl, a possible hashtag can be #carolandcarlweds[insertdate]. Hashtagging on twitter and instagram ensures all guests participate in your wedding too, since they are the ones taking the pictures and putting them on their social media platform!

However, of course some couples want their privacy—we do not spend so much money taking beautiful photography of the bride, just for the perfect image to be tainted with a not-so-flattering, badly-angled shot by a friend who uploads it on his facebook. So while some couples want a personalized hashtag, some couples are against any forms of social media interaction at all. The key is to make it clear to your guest before your ceremony.

Of course, when it comes to social media hashtagging, it is essential to take note that there are no overlaps with other couples’ hashtags, since instagram is global. It would be strange if there are indeed couples using the same hashtags—imagine another couple’s wedding photos flooding your feed! So do take some time to think through what you want to use for your hashtag—try to make them unique, so that there are no unplanned coincidences!

Well there you have it—a list of ways to make your wedding more memorable and unique! The La Belle Couture Weddings team hopes you enjoy customizing your wedding.

Email us at enquiry(@) for how we can help make your dream wedding come true!

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