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Wedding Stress Stealing Your Joy ? Here’s 3 More Tips On Being A BrideCHILLA

Wedding Stress Stealing Your Joy ? Here’s 3 More Tips On Being A BrideCHILLA

Wedding stress takes on many forms! From expectations to the feeling of being lost, it can turn any beautiful, blushing bride turning into a red-faced Bridezilla. Thankfully, most situations leading to wedding stress can be fixed or avoided at best. Our previous post in this series showed you some nifty tips to note in your calendar to make your big day a stress-free one.


1. Do Away With Last Minute Wedding Stress By Booking a Makeup Trial Ahead of The Big Day

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The wedding is the bride’s day and she needs to look nothing less than perfect. Imagine a sleek flowing mane, makeup in place and a gorgeous wedding gown to complete the picture. Now that sounds like every bride’s dream right?

But to get that, it is important to know whether your make up artist is really able to achieve the look you want that goes well with your wedding gown. While it is good to compare with their portfolio, the best way to eliminate this wedding stress to book a makeup trial! 

During this trial, you can take this chance to communicate with your make up artist (and build some rapport too!). At the same time, your make up artist might be able to offer advice (such as going for what kind of treatment, the hair color to go for etc). So, you should preferably book your trial 4 to 5 months before the big day! This will give you time to make amendments!


2. Understand Your Wedding Photographer’s Tone and Style Before Signing Up To Avoid Wedding Stress

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The wedding pictures and videos from the wedding are going to be all the memories you have to look at. Even years later! However, the market is saturated with wedding photographers who offer various packages at different budgets. Here’s a list of steps to follow before agreeing on the right wedding photographer!:

  1. Take a look at his/her portfolio to understand their style of photography, videography, and edits. Some photographers specialize in tonal edits for photos, some are great at outdoor locales, some don’t have specialized equipment like drones, etc.

Pick one who fits the budget. Of course, you would need to be realistic with this! If you prefer an experienced wedding photographer, then the price tag will most likely be higher too!

  1. Ask them if there are any possible additional charges! For example, what are the charges if you want to start early? If you want extra effects to your wedding photos, would they require more lead time to do the edits? How about the wedding photo albums? If you want a unique cover, then what would the charges be like? Take this chance to ask and have an understanding of your budget!

 If you aren’t sure,  you can drop us an email and we will provide advice on what to go for!


3. Assign A Professional To Be The POC (Point of Contact) For The Actual Day To Coordinate With Vendors To Fully Enjoy The Day Minus The Wedding Stress

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As the bride, you would want everything to go smoothly! But being the bride, you can only enjoy the day if you have the right team on board. Often, the first people to recruit would be your friends…who might have 0 experience! Instead of making things right, you might end up with more than you can manage. 

 So how do you avoid this from happening? One way would be to assign a professional to be a point of contact for the actual day. With that, it would be the best (yet underrated) gift you can give yourselves on the main day. Doing this lets you concentrate on the ceremony, the vows and just how perfect your significant other looks.

. With a professional in charge, there will be a lesser obligation for you to share instructions… We understand that this can be somewhat of a quandary for couples so La Belle Couture has worked with Rosette Designs & Co to help you coordinate your big day! 

If you’re interested in reading more about this, and other services we offer, you can read more on the same here.


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