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Dealing With Wedding Stress : 4 Often Overlooked Ideas To Help You Be A BrideCHILLA

Dealing With Wedding Stress : 4 Often Overlooked Ideas To Help You Be A BrideCHILLA

Being a bride is what most little girls dream of right since they read their first fairytale. In reality, wedding stress takes over in multiple forms.  This includes wedding dress fittings, meetings with the wedding planner, differences of opinion with the groom and friends, running late for appointments, food tastings, finalizing a wedding photographer … the list pretty much keeps growing. Yikes!

All this stress can pile up and turn a  blushing bride into a bridezilla on the wedding day. That isn’t a pretty sight nor a memorable experience for anyone. After working with thousands of brides-to-be, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks for brides-to-be to deal with wedding stress and be perfectly prepped on D-day.

Dealing with Wedding Stress 1: Hire A Wedding Planner

Any event requires good planning, and the wedding day is no different. Hiring the right wedding planner is really all that it’s made out to be. The role of a wedding planner is to ensure that the day goes smoothly.  They help manage all parts of the event, coordinate with vendors, make sure everything is in place for the big day, and much more.

It’s extremely important that your wedding planner understand your vision for the wedding. Furthermore, the wedding planner needs to be someone you can vibe with, to chart out things for the big day.

Remember the right wedding planner will make the job easier for you. The wrong one will just add to the stress. So it’s important to choose someone who is honest, flexible, can deal with last-minute changes/ unplanned surprises and crisis management.


Dealing with Wedding Stress 2: Make a Calendar

wedding planner

Preparing for the wedding begins many months in advance. Whether it’s about hitting the gym, seeing a dermatologist, booking tickets for the honeymoon, booking vendors or zeroing in on the venue you want, getting things done ahead really helps. One can also get better deals when booking venues and vendors earlier. 

Ideally, one should start creating a wedding calendar six months before the big day. This allows for ample time to get everything in place. At the same time, you will be able to have a big picture of your wedding, and know what’s missing! However, we’ve observed a growing trend where couples start planning things months ahead for a seamless experience. If this is you, make a list of what you require and tick things off your list.

Alternatively, you can drop us an email and get us on board to do the running around for you as well, for a hassle-free experience.

Dealing with Wedding Stress 3: Having a Support System is a blessing

wedding stress

Family, friends, and confidantes are crucial as one is about to step into a new season of one’s life. Wedding stress is inevitable during this time but having a close circle of good friends really helps. 

Your girlfriends can be your shopping buddies and your best critics while picking the wedding dress. When things get stressful, count on your friends to give you the pep talk you need.

Don’t take on too many responsibilities on yourself either, try to delegate small tasks and errands to friends and family (only if they offer their help/ask before assigning anything, it’s good manners)

Dealing with Wedding Stress 4: Coping With Expectations

wedding planning

Unless the bride and groom are paying for the entire wedding themselves, in-laws and relatives may want a say in how things go. Now, this isn’t really fair to the bride or groom. But weddings are about families and it becomes a very tricky and sensitive situation to deal with. 

It helps to not take anything too personally during this time. Differences in opinion are natural and must be tackled with wisdom. For most couples, the best advice is to smile and nod and then go ahead with whatever they like, instead of creating any unpleasant scenes. 

If one does want to take into account the views of family, then make a list of pros and cons and try to incorporate ideas that go in line with the overall theme.

Ultimately though, the wedding is about the bride and the groom. When you think back to the wedding, years later, you want these memories to be pleasant and comforting. So take the stress with a pinch of salt and focus on the bigger picture instead of letting stuff bog you down.

We have more on choosing the right wedding photographer, picking the wedding dress and more on dealing with wedding stress in our next post. Meanwhile, you can make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services! 

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