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The Different Types Of Wedding Gown Trains And How To Choose Them?

The different types of wedding gown trains and how to choose them?

When choosing your wedding gown, one of the features would be also to choose your wedding gown trains. Most brides would usually opt for a long train if their wedding venue permits. This is because long trains give a more grandiose and glamourous feeling. Plus, it does give that princessy-feel to it which most girls find it irresistible! However, do you know that your selection of wedding gown trains should first take into account of your wedding venue?

Wedding Gown Trains Type #1 : Sweep

As the sweep wedding gown train measures between 6 to 6.5 inches beyond the hem, it offers minimal movement at the tail of the wedding gown and complements most wedding venues. Most brides in such wedding gowns tend to look like they are floating a little too!

If you are a bride who intends to have an outdoor wedding, then a wedding gown with a sweep train (also know as the “brush” train) would be a better choice so that it is much easier to walk in! Plus, there will be much lesser weight, which is a lot more ideal since you will most probably be under the sweltering heat…

And also, it reduces the chances of tripping over your wedding gowns, which is definitely the last thing you want it to happen on your one and only special day!


Wedding Gown Trains Type #1 : Sweep

Wedding Gown Trains Type #2 : Chapel

The Chapel wedding gown train is the most popular amongst the other wedding gown trains. It is neither too long nor too short, and it will offer an elegant look that is not too overwhelming. You can opt for wedding gowns with more embellishments (such as crystals, beads and even sequins!) on the train, and it wouldn’t be as heavy as a wedding gown with a cathedral wedding gown train (which will be touched on in the next point).

Similarly, wedding gowns with a chapel train are suitable for most wedding venues and are also easy to saunter in. The only difference between the chapel wedding gown train and the sweep wedding gown train is the length of the train. The chapel wedding gown tends to have a flowing appearance that makes the bride look like she is threading gracefully on waters.


Wedding Gown Trains Type #2 : Chapel

Wedding Gown Trains Type #3 : Cathedral

If you want to have that grand wedding and sweep people off their feet, then a wedding gown with a cathedral wedding gown train would be a better choice for such formal weddings! With the length of approximately 56cm, you can be assured with a grand entrance (especially if there are intricate beadwork or lacework on the hem of the wedding gown train).

The only thing to look out for is that you need master the art of walking in a wedding gown with a much longer train as it takes effort to saunter down the aisle. If you have no experience on walking in heels, then it is best to practise before your wedding day. Or else, you might end up either walking like an awkward penguin or have everyone witness your graceful fall against the hard floors.

And that doesn’t seem to be the kind of memory you want to keep…right?

The cathedral wedding gown train is more suitable for brides who have their weddings at venues with a higher ceiling. If not, the bride would appear very squashed if the wedding gown has such a long train. Also, petite brides should not opt for wedding gowns with the cathedral train as it will result in a ‘dragging effect’ that will make them seem much shorter.


Wedding Gown Trains Type #3 : Cathedral

Wedding Gown Trains Type #4 : Royal/Monarch

Oh hail to the royal wedding gown train! This is the longest wedding gown train and possibly one that is only fit for the royal blood. One good example will be Kate Middleton’s wedding gown. The train of her wedding gown is almost as wide as her ball down! On a side note, doesn’t she look gorgeous?


Credits : The Telegraph

This length is not commonly chosen as it requires a lot of attention by the bridesmaids and it is unsurprisingly heavy, making it a lot harder to walk in. the length is approximately a whopping 3.65m long down extending from the waist. It is also the most opulent and rich-looking option. What matters most is that your wedding venue must be spacious and grand enough to accommodate to this lengthy train. Otherwise, it may defeat the purpose of it grandness as it would look too cramped.


When choosing your wedding gown trains, you must first consider if your wedding belongs to the casual or formal type. Most importantly, you will need to factor in the space of your wedding venue so that you may sashay in your wedding gown without being restricted and or appear much larger than how you really are!

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