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Discover The Top Trending Wedding Cakes To Match Your Wedding In Singapore

Discover The Top Trending Wedding Cakes To Match Your Wedding in Singapore

Pretty much anything and everything can inspire your dream wedding cake for your big day.  From elegant and grand, to modern contemporary to rustic or whimsical with a playful note.  It is a unique,  beautiful & special reflection of you as a couple.  

From the gorgeous motifs of your wedding gown or shoes, your wedding invitation cards, the breathtaking venue itself, right up to your passion for modern contemporary designs and graphics, the possibilities are endless.  Be it simple and chic, traditional, grand to avant garde…. It is entirely up to the individual couple to make it uniquely yours  

The key here is to share them with your cake designer clearly and with ample lead time, so as to facilitate the creation of your bespoke cake the way you envision it to be.  Here are some cake designs and trends to inspire you in your journey to create the ultimate dream cake for your big day…

Wedding Cake #1: Marbled effect

There are brides who love the marbled texture on their wedding cakes. Add a touch of class and elegance and go with one of the all time uber cool stone-effect with marblelised fondant and personalised bespoke edible handcrafted gown

Wedding Cake #2: Edible Lace meets Metallics

On the other hand, brides who are fans of lace wedding gowns can incorporate that element on their wedding cake!


Gold and silver will constantly be classics but, for modern day fashion forward designs, you can integrate both these elements for a yin-yang balance that marries warm, romantic lace with cool metallics.  

Wedding Cakes #3: Dual sided Cakes

Can’t seem to decide on one sole design or theme? Why not have two then? Showcase your diverse passions as a couple coming together as one with a dual-theme cake.


On top of your typical wedding cake, there are other miniature dessert items that you can incorporate in your wedding.

Wedding Cakes #4: Baroque Framing


This floral oval-framing, together with soft pink blush tones as the colour base makes for a modern romantic cake. With victorian embellishments to complement the delicate blooms – this is chic elegance at its best.

Wedding Cakes #5: Miniature Desserts #1: Mini Buttercream cake bar

Before the wedding commences, your wedding guests will be mingling with others. During that time, they might be slightly famished (and possibly keeping their tummy empty for the wedding!).


Surprise them with a mini buttercream cake bar of assorted flavours!

Wedding Cakes #6: Drip bundt wedding cakes

Instead of going for wedding cakes with an ostentatious touch, you can opt for a simple design that is both clean yet classy.

Characterised by the swirling spirals and the soft texture, its understated appearance is certainly not parallel to the rich yet light flavours.


Wedding Cakes #7: Cake Spheres


Go unconventional with whimsical cake spheres with a touch of class with edible gems or blooms! Plus, don’t they look like those beautiful bath bombs that you can’t bear to put in the water? So pretty!

Wedding Cakes #8: Edible keepsakes and Wedding Favours

Share an extension of yourselves…showcase your  passion /hobbies in an edible version. For example, if you and your partner has an intense liking for…lets say Star Wars, then you can create edible keepsakes that possibly resemble a star trooper!

This can be incorporated into your wedding favours as well! That way, people will always remember your wedding for the iconic wedding favours!

Content is curated by Stephanie Chan, Founder of SALTS Cake Couture

Edited by La Belle Couture




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