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Discover The Top 3 Useful Wedding Gown Tips To Start Your Wedding Gown Hunt! Part I

Discover The Top 3 Useful Wedding Gown Tips To Start Your Wedding Gown Hunt! Part I

Discovering your dream wedding gown is basically the most exciting thing in your wedding to-do list! After all, this is your chance to adorn a luxurious wedding gown and be seen as the most beautiful woman on your special day!

However, finding the perfect wedding gown is not necessarily that simple after you have gone through the process. By following these 3 tips on your wedding gown hunt, you would get a better idea of how to smoothen the process (and not feel that is a burden).

Useful Tip To Start Your Wedding Gown Hunt #1 : Begin Your Wedding Gown Hunt Early!

While the good rule of thumb is that it is never too early to begin window shopping, you should not leave it at the very last minute either. Bridal experts generally recommend that shopping for your wedding gown should take place at least 9 to 12 months prior to your wedding.

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Leaving it to the very last minute works against your favour because you may most probably require some time to find the right wedding gown. Plus, your preferred wedding gown might have been rented, especially if your wedding happens to fall on a hot date!

Furthermore, if you start your wedding gown hunt at the eleventh hour, chances of making impulsive decisions are a lot higher. Eventually, you may be wearing a wedding gown that you may not even love wholeheartedly. Moreover, leaving it to the very last minute would mean that your wedding planning stress is heightened since your big day is nearing. Putting yourself under that unnecessary pressure can definitely be avoided if you plan well.

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The last consideration to factor before deciding on when to shop for your wedding gown is the venue and size of your wedding celebration event. We say this because factors like these can affect the type of wedding gown. For example, if you are having a garden wedding, most probably a grand wedding gown with long train would not be your choice. Also, if you are having a small intimate wedding affair, a short wedding gown may be more appropriate and suitable for such cozy ambience.

Useful Tip To Start Your Wedding Gown Hunt #2 : Begin Your Wedding Gown Hunt At The Right Places

Once you have a clear idea of the wedding gown design, you can start browsing through different sites of bridal boutiques. Usually, some of the wedding gown designs they have are placed in their website. That would be a good gauge on which bridal boutique is most suitable for you.

sweetheart necklines wedding gownsTypically in Singapore, there are three types of bridal boutiques. The first being the type that have their wedding gown designed locally (usually by their in house gown designers. The second being the type that brings in popular wedding gown brands from all over the world. The third being a mixture of both.

Usually, most bridal boutiques lean towards the first type and the wedding gowns are up for both rental and purchase. The second type of bridal boutique would be a little trickier. It is normal for international brands to only allow the purchase of their wedding gowns. This means no rental is allowed. Only certain international brands allow the rental of their wedding gowns but the numbers are usually smaller.

This would, also, mean that the prices are usually higher.

At the end of the day, it would depend on what you are more comfortable with. If you are just looking to rent your wedding gown, then the first type of bridal boutiques would be more suitable!

Useful Tip To Start Your Wedding Gown Hunt #3 : Make Time For Your Consultation With The Selected Bridal Boutiques

Now that you have the bridal boutiques in mind, the next step is making an appointment with the shortlisted bridal boutiques.

Most bridal boutiques require appointments to be made with their bridal consultants. That would ensure that you have undivided attention from your consultant and not wait unnecessarily.

Wedding Gowns Singapore3If you are able to, you can bring in any pictures of wedding gowns that you like and see if the bridal boutique has any similar wedding gowns. Also, if you have already chosen another item that you would like to wear with your wedding gown  (any accessories, for example), bring the item in with you to try it on with potential wedding gowns.


There are so many Dos and Don’ts when it comes to finding the perfect wedding gown! But are you guilty of committing one of those mentioned above? In our next article, we will be sharing more wedding gown mistakes to help you along your wedding journey.

Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services!

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