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Discover The Top 3 Useful Wedding Gown Tips To Start Your Wedding Gown Hunt! Part II

Discover The Top 3 Useful Wedding Gown Tips To Start Your Wedding Gown Hunt! Part II

Were you intrigued by the wedding gown tips we shared last week? Did you find them useful and applicable? If you had enjoyed reading them, then we guarantee you that Part II this week would be a more interesting read!

Useful Tip To Start Your Wedding Gown Hunt #1 : Find Out The Prices

Whether you are renting or buying your wedding gown, it is always prudent to find out the price tags. This requires you to do some homework on your own. There are forums, Facebook groups, or even your friends who would share their experiences and reviews on their wedding gown experiences.

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Once you have gathered the information from these sources, you would have a better idea which bridal boutiques and which wedding gowns suit your budget.

With that, when you visit the bridal boutique which you have shortlisted, let them know your budget range. This is so that time is reduced from browsing wedding gowns which are too expensive. Some bridal boutiques impose a higher price on their “premium range” wedding gowns, while others do not.

Useful Tip To Start Your Wedding Gown Hunt #2 : Shop Around For Your Wedding Gown

Even though you may already have a wedding gown in mind, it is still always good to shop around first before deciding. Having explore and seen more and different designs and styles of wedding gowns, provides you more options and choices to choose from.

While you shop around a few bridal boutiques, it may be good to limit yourself to just a handful. This is because, it may be true that having one too many choices may confuse you further. Especially if you are indecisive, the more options you have, the longer you will take to decide. This may mean that what could have typically required a bride to choose her wedding gown, you may most probably take a longer time to finalise your wedding gown.

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This is definitely not advisable because after you have decided on your wedding gown, time needs to be allocated for gown fitting, alterations, second gown fitting before you seal the deal. In addition, if your chosen wedding gown is highly popular, it may not be available for rent on your wedding day.

Therefore, perhaps a good gauge and rough estimation of the number of bridal boutiques to partonise before deciding can range from 2 to 4. At the same time, find out more about heir bridal packages while you are shopping for your wedding gown!

Useful Tip To Start Your Wedding Gown Hunt #3 : Choose How Many People To Bring Along When You Shop For Your Wedding Gown

We think that your groom should definitely play a part when it comes to wedding gown shopping. Afterall, you are dolling up mainly because of him whom you are going to marry to, isn’t it? Besides your groom, you may be cracking your head over who to bring along during your wedding gown shopping. Bringing all your girlfriends and your family members may have even crossed your mind.

However, did you know that if you bring too many along, it may be destructive instead of constructive? This is because while they are able to offer their feedback, too many may confuse you instead.

Being selective and choosing quality over quantity should be the way. Yes, although it may sound harsh and biased, but it is your big day and you wouldn’t want to mull over a wedding gown you have chosen but not like it wholeheartedly. And worse still, you chose that wedding gown because your girlfriend thinks it looks awesome and love it to bits!

Always remember that you are the main star, together with your groom. Hence, your wedding gown should be one which you adore, brings out the best look in you and portrays your confidence.

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Pick those who would be able to provide honest opinion, have your best interests at heart, and most importantly, whose opinion you trust.


There are so many Dos and Don’ts when it comes to finding the perfect wedding gown! But are you guilty of committing one of those mentioned above? In our next article, we will be sharing more wedding gown mistakes to help you along your wedding journey.


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