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Discovering The Top 4 Golden Tips To A Smooth Wedding Photography Session

Discovering the Top 4 Golden Tips To A Smooth Wedding Photography Session

A smooth wedding photography session will really capture your enchanted romantic moments while providing loads of fun in the process!

Lets face it. You probably heard from married friends that wedding photo shoots are exhausting. From travelling to different places, to lugging your wedding photography outfits and to posing. It does take a toll on you!

In this article, we have rounded up the important things to look out for when creating those picture perfect wedding shots that will take your breath away.

Golden Tips To A Smooth Wedding Photography Session 1: The Pre-shoot Visit

We recommend couples to visit the sites prior to the day of their shoot to gain a better understanding of the location.

Have a thorough look around, seek out the most romantic spots, this could be a nook under a heart-shaped tree branch, or beneath a whimsical pavilion by the river.

Try testing to see what works, so have your feet wet and dirty if necessary! Most importantly, it is all about finding the scenes that will spark magic!   

Also try to visit those locations during different times of the day to sample the varying effects of lighting. Sunsets are perfect backdrops to a sensational wedding photography scene while a blanket of stars in the night sky can really add mystique and romance to any mood.   

Golden Tips To A Smooth Wedding Photography Session 2: Set Contingency Plans!

Given Singapore’s unpredictable weather, you should never let it ruin your well-planned shoot! So, you should always consider contingencies when choosing an outdoor location, in the case of a storm or haphazard weather.

Shooting at a wedding studio or historical building such as CHIJMES or the National Gallery are some stylish indoor alternatives that have been proven to be just as amazing as outdoor venues.

Golden Tips To A Smooth Wedding Photography Session 3: Create A Wedding Photography Packing List

There are some indispensable items for every outdoor wedding photo shoot that will help keep you cool and comfortable under the relentless tropical weather.   

Towels and tissues are important for keeping yourself dry! By keeping sweat away, you can prevent unsightly perspiration stains from forming on your outfits. After all, you should aim to look your best in your wedding photos!

For certain outdoor places (such as the Botanical Gardens), keep a lookout for pesky mosquitoes, especially in areas near drains, reservoirs and ponds!

To avoid the ugly bites and the irritating itch, bring an insect repellent on the day of the shoot as an extra bit of precaution!

Last but certainly not least, always remember to bring along bottled water to keep yourself well-hydrated. You might even like to consider taking along a portable fan to cool yourself down during shoot breaks.  

Golden Tips To A Smooth Wedding Photography Session 4: Picking the Ideal Wedding Outfits

Gowns come in all shapes and sizes. When opting for an outdoor shoot, pick practical fabrics that are light and go easy on the skin. Feeling comfortable throughout the shoot will manifest in you looking your absolute best!

For outdoor wedding photography, materials like chiffon and Georgette are ideal options as  they are lightweight and allow easy movement. Wedding photography sessions are all about expressing your love for your partner and capturing the spontaneity between the both of you.  Therefore, comfy outfits really go a long way!

Leave heavier fabrics like Taffeta and heavy silk to the formal ceremony, where they can be worn without fuss.

For shoots, we recommend picking functional silhouettes that facilitate movement, such as sheath or A-line gowns,. On the other hand, wedding gowns in trumpet and mermaid silhouettes might be a little restrictive due to their tight fit, making it harder to walk in them!

Don’t forget that footwear is also extremely important. Since you will be mostly on your feet and moving around for quite a bit, it is best to stick with seasoned and comfortable shoes for the whole wedding photo shoot!


Weddings are all in all a fantastical affair, we certainly hope this guide has been useful in your own wedding photography preparations! Remember, you should never settle for anything less than a smooth and enjoyable wedding photography session.

Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services!

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