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Discovering Perfect Bridal Gowns

Discovering Perfect Bridal Gowns

Perfect bridal gowns, just like brides, come in all shapes and sizes. It is essential to do thorough research before selecting the best dress for your big occasion. La Belle Couture shares some important things to consider before settling for that perfect outfit. 

Remember, never rush through the gown selection process – you deserve the best!

Perfect Bridal Gowns Factor #1: Silhouette

The silhouette of your wedding gown refers to its cutting. They’re meant to accentuate your body shape, so use them to your advantage! However, take note that some silhouettes may restrict movement and prove unsuitable for pre-wedding shoots. The mermaid is a tight-fitting style that flares out from the knee – resembling the tail of a beautiful mermaid. Creating a nice hourglass figure for the bride.

Ballroom gowns are fitted at the waist with a bodice and feature heavy skirt fabric. This might be overwhelming for brides with smaller frames. But yes, it is the majestic look flaunted by fairytale princesses. Creating a smaller waist look for the bride.

A jumpsuit or fit-and-flare style is ideal for pre-wedding photography since they facilitate easy movement. You’ll be posing effortlessly while looking gorgeous in your outfit!

Perfect Bridal Gowns Factor #2: Fabric

It is unfortunate we face summer all-year-round in sunny Singapore. This really limits the variety of bridal gown fabric – as far as outdoor weddings go. You’ll want a material that is lightweight and breathable. Crepe and Chiffon are comfortable options if you’re intending on an outdoor affair. 


Thankfully, most wedding ceremonies are conducted within air-conditioned environments. So style away! 


Did you know that your wedding gown is manufactured from various materials to achieve its stunning appearance? For example, bodices are usually made with body-hugging lace details while skirts consist of tulle for that beautiful fluffy effect.


Feel the fabric against your skin while you admire how you look in the mirror. Your perfect wedding gown should feel like a second skin that enhances your beauty. 


Perfect Bridal Gowns Factor #3: Colour

Traditional wedding gowns are either white or off-white, like cream or ivory. That was in the past. Modern brides have the option to play around with an unlimited variety of hues. So, keep testing to find the colour that matches your personality. And making sure the colour compliments your skin tone.


After all, it is your big day and you should feel comfortable and satisfied with your choice. 


Each colour carries a deep symbolic meaning, so pick one that fits your mood. Purple is a colour linked to nobility and elegance while pink is synonymous with love and romance. Red is a colour that is highly regarded in Chinese traditions to represent prosperity and bliss. 


If you’re on the fence, opt for one white gown and the other in non-white hue. Then, express your versatility with confidence during your outfit change!

Perfect Bridal Gowns Factor #4: Necklines

The neckline of a wedding gown can really enhance an outfit. Sweetheart necklines resemble the curves of the heart-shape accentuating your bust and shoulder and it defines the classic look of a wedding gown. 


Bolder brides who wish to make a fashion statement may opt for plunging necklines. Alternatively, illusion necklines provide a feminine charm with less reveal, featuring see-through lace details.


 Boat/bateau necklines are another popular style, accentuating the shoulders of wearers for a glamorous appearance. 




Gown-fitting should be a stress-free and enjoyable journey. If you’re still in doubt, seek out a professional wedding vendor who will guide you through options that will catch your eye. 


La Belle offers free guides to help you out with the process. Simply email us at We hope you’re inspired to locate the wedding gown of your dreams. Go forth and conquer!

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