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How to be a Disney princess in your wedding gown

Being a Disney princess has always been a dream of many little girls. Watching Cinderella dancing with her prince, Belle touching the heart of the Beast and admiring the large-scaled wedding held in the movie Tangled, every little and not so little girl wants to be a princess. You can actually fulfill that childhood dream of yours on your wedding day. Here are some wedding gown tips that will make you feel and look like one of the Disney princesses.

#1 Disney Princess Cinderella’s Wedding Gown

Disney Princess Blue wedding gown Singapore

Enchanted by the romance in Cinderella? You can be Cinderella on your wedding day too, just by choosing the perfect wedding gown. Cinderella is known for her baby blue gown and her glass slippers. So if you have always admired Cinderella and rooted for her in the “battle” against her evil stepmother and sisters, you can create your own Cinderella happily ever after. Just slip into a baby blue bridal gown with a flare skirt and put on a pair of transparent heels and you are good to go. Don’t forget to give that look a finishing touch by tying your hair up into a high bun at the crown of your head.

#2 Disney Princess Rapunzel’s Wedding Gown

Purple wedding gown singapore

You have always been jealous of Rapunzel’s luscious and long locks and how romantic Flynn Rider just is? So have we. Don’t you also want to go on a romantic boat ride with lanterns floating all around with your special someone and dressed in a beautiful bridal gown? If just like us you are jealous of Rapunzel in Tangled in every way possible and would love to look like her, you can actually do so on your wedding day. Purple is Rapunzel’s signature colour in the film, so having a purple bridal gown is a must. The flowers in her hair also made her that much more princess and fairy tale-like, so if you are up for it, top off your wedding dress with a flower crown and you are ready to have your romantic night.

#3 Disney Princess Belle’s Wedding Gown

Long Yellow wedding gown singapore

If just like Belle, you are a beauty with wits, a yellow bridal gown is the perfect fit for you. We all know how gorgeous Belle looks in that yellow bridal gown with her half up topknot and well-curled hair. It would be even better if you were able to find a wedding dress has an off-shoulder neckline, enabling you to show off that sexy collarbone and shoulders, like Belle. You can have your beauty moment on your special day with a full-skirt wedding gown as you walk down the aisle to the song “Something there”. 

#4 Disney Princess Aurora’s Wedding Gown

Light Pink wedding gown singapore

Don’t we all love to sleep? But almost no one can look as beautify when they sleep as the ever so gorgeous Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. If like the typical girl, your favorite colour is pink and had always wanted to be Princess Aurora because of her enviable pink bridal gown, you can indeed be her on your wedding day. Pink is one of the prettiest colour that a princess could be don in. So grab a pink bridal gown that just sweeps the floor with an off-shoulder neckline, you’re all set to for your big day to walk down the aisle with your prince that you have walked with once upon a dream.

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