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Dread The Never Ending Wedding Nightmare? Avoid These Wedding Traps That Will Leave You Unscathed!

Dread The Never Ending Wedding Nightmare? Avoid These Wedding Traps That Will Leave You Unscathed!

Let’s talk about wedding traps. Wait a minute. There are wedding traps…?

Wedding celebrations are joyous, mesmeric and unforgettable, right? 

Oftentimes, the answer would and should be yes. Unfortunately, as with any preparation, there is an assortment of horrible traps that lead to horrific experiences. So let’s not get ourselves tangled in that mess. It won’t be easy to pull yourself out of it! 

Wedding Traps To Avoid #1 Diets Are A Girl’s Best Friend – Not

So, you’ve selected the perfect outfit. You’re ready to strut down the aisle with grace and poise. 


Of course, you can’t just forgo your time with friends. So, it is only normal to hang out with them over a meal, say at a korean BBQ joint or the infamous Hai Di Lao (we all love to be treated like royalty!).


As the day draws closer, you start to fret about fitting into that wedding gown. So you decide to undergo drastic diets shortly before your big day. That’s a big no no!


Why? It is unhealthy and the last thing you want is to faint on the aisle before saying “I do”. Plus, due to how immediate the effects drastic diets have, it can make one look haggard, pale and dull. Not the best combination for wedding photos, nor for your wedding guests. 


Instead, opt for a healthy regime even before wedding gown-selection. Prepare your body and mind for the big day way ahead of time. You will thank yourself for it. 

Wedding Traps to Avoid #2 Inviting the Whole Clan and then Some

Of course you’d want to share the big news! But even this comes with limitations. How far will you go? Close friends, colleagues, relatives, family are all wonderful people to have around for the wedding celebration. 


But what about that friend you last saw when you were popping zits as a teen or the wife of your husband’s boss’ financial consultant? The more people you invite, the crazier the logistics. Before you know it, you might end up slightly more than crazy.  Ease that stress and trim it down to people that truly matter. 

Wedding Traps to Avoid #3 Going “Rambo” (DIY)

It is always good to reduce costs wherever possible but remember to stay on the practical side. Plucking wild flowers for your wedding arch, using origami cups and so on are just no way to celebrate the major chapter in your romantic lives. 

DIY adds a fantastic personal touch but stick to practical options and outsource to professionals when required. This is especially if you are already stressed at work and struggling with many tasks. 

Wedding Traps to Avoid #4 Overspending

This is the opposite of trap number three and a common problem amongst brides. Sometimes, as a means of looking prosperous, couples may fork out more cash on things they don’t need. It could be an extra professional for wedding photography or adding an exotic dish to the banquet, or even opting to customise your wedding gown (and then keeping it). 


Go through your wedding checklist thoroughly a few times and strike off the items that don’t make a difference even when they’re gone (psst you could do the same for the guest list #justsaying ).  This could make your wedding much more affordable. 


Your wallet and your partner will thank you for it!

Wedding Traps to Avoid #5 Nodding to Conventions

It can get pretty unnerving when everyone around you is getting married in the conventional way- like they’re programmed to. The wedding designs, decor and everything seems like they’re straight out of a fix-it kit. 


But you don’t have to surrender your vision by cracking under the pressure of societal norms. Hate wedding veils? Then don’t have them!. Don’t like white wedding gowns? Dazzle with a blue bridal number. Be your own person on your wedding day. 


For this, you will thank yourself for being able to let your true self flourish. Who cares about naysayers, when this is your big day? We say, “just do your thing”!

Wedding Traps to Avoid #6 Getting into Debt

Following from point 4, the one thing you should avoid it to borrow cash to create your dream wedding. As much as we love weddings, it is a single occasion, while debts can be a lingering (and serious) problem. 


Housing, study and vehicle loans are pricey enough as they are, So why add on a fourth pillar of stress onto your life?  Spend within your means and be aware of what you can truly afford. Plus, there are many affordable ways to realize your desired wedding. All you need to do is to do research, confide in married friends or  consult a wedding company! You will get the answers that will widen your horizons!


A wedding should be a marvelous occasion, never a dreadful regret. We hope the info saves the life of a bride! We wrap up with a wedding poem by Joanna Fuchs to get you in the best frame of mind for your wedding prep:


Come have some fun 

As two become one 

Mark down the date

To help celebrate 

A love deep and true;

All that’s needed is you.

Casual, no fuss

Just be with us.

A good time; you’ll see;

Now just RSVP. 


 Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services! 

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