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Dressing your bridesmaids and groomsmen!

A big hello to you our brides and grooms to be!

In your wedding preparation, there would always be the exciting part about dressing up your friends. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are probably the ones who have witnessed your journey– from bickering, lovey-dovey bf-gf to man and wife. Naturally, you would want them to enjoy your big day too, right down to what they are going to wear!

It is all possible to do creative dressing in Singapore and find the nicest attires that your bridesmaids and groomsmen would absolutely love and feel comfortable in. Today, La Belle Couture will share some tips with you on how to do that!

Girl Power: for the bridesmaids!

Before choosing the dresses, decide on YOUR wedding gown and the theme of the wedding first! Would it be retro, classical, mafia (like Xiaxue’s), girly, floral, or something unique? After deciding on your own dress and theme, we can then find something for the sisters!

Tip #1: Sisters come in all shapes and sizes, so stick to the same colour and fabric while accommodating different body types.

What type of colours then? –You may ask. Don’t just blindly decide on your favorite colour—try to pick a neutral colour that would flatter everybody’s skin tone and body shape. Also, ask for opinions from your bridesmaids! Give them 2-3 colours to choose from, and hopefully everyone can agree on one pretty colour to complement your dress!

Fabric wise, a popular choice is chiffon, since it is so hot and humid in Singapore! Chiffon gives a lady a feminine, girly charm, and adds a romantic vibe to the wedding.

It would be possible to get the same colour shade for different dress cuts. Check this with your local dress retailer! J If it is too much hassle, then opt for dresses with empire waist, since it tends to flatter all shapes and sized.


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Tip #2: To add versatility but still look cohesive, have different styles but keep dresses at the same length.

We can’t emphasize how important it is to have bridesmaid to dress up in dresses of the same length! Having the same colour but dresses of different length would make the visuals slightly distracting, which is not something you want. Remember, we want everyone to look good, but we want eyes to be on you—the bride!


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Tip #3: Comfort and Style

When choosing a dress for your sisters, do take their style into account too. Never make them wear something they will never wear again outside of your wedding—that would be such a waste! Always listen to their opinion, and try to work out a compromise. Chiffon material is always the top choice in our climate. Soft and flawy, it adds the perfect touch of softness in a wedding. Remember, friendship comes first!


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Guy Power: For the Groomsmen

Again, before shopping for your best buddies, decide on the theme of your wedding and what you are going to wear. Also, take this golden opportunity to have fun dressing up with your bros! After all, men do not really get much chances to have fun suiting up in humid Singapore.

Tip #1: Colour blocks

Coordinate your looks with colour blocks for the shocking effect! For instance, the groom can be wearing a white shirt and red bottoms, whereas the groomsmen can be wearing white shirts and green bottoms. The trick here is to have bright, funky colour contrast to each other.

Also, if you are someone who wants to keep things simple, colour blocks are the way to go since they make a statement effortlessly.

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Tip #2: Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

Treat the wedding as an opportunity to do something you would otherwise not wear in Singapore! Would it be a hat, a vintage bow tie, thick rimmed glasses or long pokka dot socks? Experiment boldly with your accessories!

Remember—weddings are once-in-a-lifetime, make it memorable!


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Photo credit: Southern Living Magazine

Tip #3: Comfortable shoes!

You won’t want your groomsmen to be uncomfortable on your big day, since they would be the one eating wasabi sandwiches and breaking down the door when you negotiate with the bridesmaid for the bride.

So, make sure they have comfortable shoes! Having coordinated shoes might be a good idea—for a more casual day look, go for TOMS or CONVERSE sneakers instead of leather shoes. (Note: No slippers please!!) Smart casual shoes can be fun and visually cohesive at the same time—and most importantly, they are comfortable!

There you go! We hope you have enjoyed today’s tips for both the bridesmaids and the groomsmen!


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