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Effective Wedding Planning With The In-laws

Effective Wedding Planning with the In-laws

Effective Wedding planning involves facing and handling many knots, twists, and turns. One delicate subject amidst the chaos – is dealing with the in-laws. So, how do you prepare for these fine additions to your family? Questions and uncertainties are bound to flood your mind. You can expect a clash of personalities. It is normal!


No worries though! La Belle Couture is here to suggest some effective ways that you can build bridges (stable ones) right from the start. Here’s how you can involve your in-laws in the wedding process and it all begins with planning. 

Effective Wedding Planning with the In-laws Tip #1: Request Photos for the Montage

From adorable baby photos to awkward pimple-themed teenage neoprints. Your in-laws are likely to have them all stored in a secret trove. And we know the wedding montage is a major segment of the celebration. 


Take time to visit your in-laws to request some “ammo” for the montage. Laugh, discuss and decide on the best images to be used. Beware though, your partner might do the same on your side of the family!  


Sure, your partner might look dashing in his suit on your big day. But that’s going to be a stark contrast to the pics flashed in front of the guests. Watch your partner dip his head in embarrassment while the hall echoes with laughter. All in good fun of course! See how far both of you have come to reach your moment of bliss. 


And this is all achieved by conspiring with your in-laws. This is certainly one way to get on their good side!

Effective Wedding Planning with the In-laws Tip #2: Pre-Wedding Meeting of Sides

Both sides of the family should be united in harmony before you don the wedding gown. This will ensure long-lasting happiness for the couple by kicking quarrels to the curb. 


Aim to gather your in-laws and parents together for a major ice-breaking session prior to the wedding. Expect a certain level of awkwardness during the meeting. After all, this may be the first time both parties are sitting down together for an event. 


It doesn’t have to be a stiff formal affair. Plan a BBQ, games night, or even a home theater experience. Talk about anything under the sun and make your in-laws feel at home. 


We believe it’s better to dissolve any tension or discomfort before the actual day of the wedding. Think about it, both parties are probably going to share the VIP table at the banquet. Imagine if they weren’t seeing eye to eye throughout the event. Yikes!


Effective Wedding Planning with the In-laws Tip #3: Inviting the Mother-in-law for Gown-Fitting

Wedding gown-fitting is fun but taxing. And it is always beneficial to receive another woman’s perspective. While it is a great idea to invite bridesmaids and your mother, it would be perfect to involve your mother-in-law too. 


This gives her a sneak peek of her future daughter-in-law in all her ravishing glory. It might just give your in-law a sense of pride! But more importantly, you’re involving her in the gown-choosing process, which shows how much you care about her opinion. 


You don’t have to go with her selection, focus on bonding trying out some suggestions. You might even realise that you share the same taste for colours and patterns! 


Effective Wedding Planning with the In-laws Tip #4: Involving In-laws in Pre-wedding Shoots

When you think of pre-wedding photography, you’re immediately reminded of breathtaking shots of the blissful couple. Why not try something different and involve your parents and in-laws in the process? 


Yes, it might sound strange and unusual but think of the endless possibilities! A family that plays together stays together. And photoshoots can be loads of fun. You could try all kinds of wacky poses with the “extra models”. (Think long-suffering parents finally breathing a sigh of relief). 


But if you read the line above and went for a straight NO, there are other ways to involve your in-laws on shoot day. You could offer them a firsthand experience of how the photos are going to turn out. Or perhaps they could ensure you’re looking refreshed and at your best in each frame. 


And be sure to treat them to a meal right after! 




Wedding planning is enjoyable with the right approach and involving your in-laws can pay dividends. As we continue to fight the outbreak, we urge brides and their families to remain vigilant and safe during these tough times. 


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