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Be Enchanted By Our Top 3 Starry Bridal Gowns From Our Latest Bridal Gown Collection, Luminous, And Dazzle On Your Wedding Day Part II

Be Enchanted By Our Top 3 Starry Bridal Gowns From Our Latest Bridal Gown Collection, Luminous, And Dazzle On Your Wedding Day Part II

Last week, 3 of our favourite classic white starry wedding gowns were featured from our latest bridal gown collection, Luminous. This week, we will be showcasing another 3 of our highly-adored starry bridal gowns in various colours and designs. Brides to be, this collection is one that you should definitely not miss!


Starry Bridal Gowns From Luminous 1: The Ombre Love

Untitled design(4)This stunning bridal gown from this latest bridal gown collection is definitely one that takes our breath away. Steering away for the lacework and beadwork, the focus of this starry bridal gown design are the ombre colours and how the purple bodice transits gradually to the electric blue at the bottom of the bridal gown skirt.

Towards the end of the gown and its train, any bride who dons this will be able to sparkle like a shining star (that she truly is, of course)! With the glittering and shimmery effect, there is no way a bride will not be able to turn heads on her wedding day!

With its off-shoulder design to flaunt your alluring collarbones and a super high side slit to sashay in your sexy long legs, we cannot help but be swooned by this starry bridal gown!

Starry Evening Gowns From Luminous 2: The Floral Princess

Pink has always been one of the top colour choices for bridal gowns due to its association to sweet and girly vibes. Commonly associated to femininity and sweetness, this baby pink starry bridal gown will suit the princess in you in the most perfect way ever.

Untitled design(6)

Focusing on its pretty little details such as its beadwork against the floral embroidery artwork on this starry bridal gown’s bodice, it certainly adds more illusion to the gown. These 3D intricate bits and pieces injects more ‘life’ to the bustier top. With a heart-shape bust neckline, it also creates more volume on the bust area. This would be great for those who are less-endowed in that aspect.

The beadwork against floral embroidery are then scattered continuously from top to mid-way bottom of the bridal gown. This creates an illusion of a cluster of stars that is scattered in the galaxy.

Untitled design(8)To spice things up, the backline of the bridal gown is a low-back see-through lace mesh, concluded with a border of floral embroidery and a string of pearly pink buttons. This gives you to opportunity to bare some skin but yet keep it contained and nothing too over the top, retaining the innocent sweetness.

Starry Bridal Gowns From Luminous 3: The Effortless Beauty

Do you know what is the easiest way to stand out from the rest of the brides in terms of the bridal gowns you wear? In the most effortless way, choosing a bridal gown with asymmetrical design and cutting gives you the creative edge over the norm. Such asymmetrical design is also best suited for those who cannot decide on a short or long bridal gown. Now, who says you cannot have the best of both worlds?

Untitled design(5)

This off shoulder starry bridal dress stands out in many ways. We love how the floral beaded embroidery is extended from the middle of the neckline to ends of the off shoulder sleeves. The beadwork then is scattered to the bottom of the short skirt underneath the long flowy skirt on the outside.

Lastly, a navy blue organza with a holographic aligns with the starry effect that this bridal gown collection aims to achieve.

Untitled design(7)

With a little peekaboo effect, a long gown train is attached at the waistline and flows all the way to the ground. Playful brides who want to play a little game of hide-and-seek of your sexy legs would go for such design.


We are extremely excited to showcase our latest bridal gown collection, Luminous. These are our top 3 favourite bridal gowns in various gorgeous colours! Drop by our bridal boutique to check out other gowns in this new collection of ours!


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