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Be Enchanted By Our Top 3 Starry Wedding Gowns From Our Latest Bridal Gown Collection, Luminous, And Dazzle On Your Wedding Day Part I

Be Enchanted By Our Top 3 Starry Wedding Gowns From Our Latest Bridal Gown Collection, Luminous, And Dazzle On Your Wedding Day Part I

This year, the trend has shifted slightly from strong lacework to glitter and shimmering beads. Inspired by the vast beauty of the galaxy, it is almost like anything is truly possible (and beautiful in its own fashion). That’s why in La Belle Couture’s latest bridal gown collection, the elements of subtle shimmering fabric and glistening beadwork is evident to illustrate the magnificent stars.

La Belle Couture’s latest bridal gown collection, Luminous, features a lot of experimentation of a variety of fabrics. Here are top 3 starry wedding gowns from our Luminous bridal gown collections for you to feast your eyes on (and of course, inspire you to become the star that lives inside you)

Starry Wedding Gowns From Luminous 1: The Princess Flow

This year, the trend is to bring back straps on your wedding gown. In this particular starry wedding gown, thin straps were used to bring out the girlish yet playful charm.

There is something alluring and sexy about spaghetti strap tops. We believe it is because of how they sits gently on your smooth shoulders and brings focus to your collarbones. In fact, in year 2015, collarbones have been crowned as one of the sexiest features that a woman can have. Increasingly, men have confessed that they have been noticing that pair of collarbones on ladies they meet!

The Princess Flow - Luminous Bridal Gown Collection LaBelle Couture

Accompanied with a low neckline and backline, any bride would morph into an unstoppable beauty., this piece of wedding gown further enhances the femininity of a bride. While it is not advisable to bare too much skin, this starry wedding gown is designed to ensure that enough is shown to spice up your overall look.

To top it all off, the skirt of the wedding gown features a puffy asymmetrical layers of tulle to create a whole new different look from the traditional straight wedding gown skirt. Its fluffiness adds more volume which is perfect for those who has narrow or wider hips! This is because it helps creates an illusion of a wider hips (and at the same time, covers bigger hips), especially with a corset snugly fitted on your waist, painting a smaller waistline!

The Princess Flow - Luminous Bridal Gown Collection LaBelle Couture2Starry Wedding Gowns From Luminous 2: The Elegant Mermaid

If you are looking for a body-hugging wedding gown that flaunts and accentuates your  feminine curves, this mermaid wedding gown is definitely perfect for you!

Untitled design(1)Starting off with a classy off-shoulders which helps elongate your neckline, this is flawless for brides with short or wide neck. With a mermaid cutting that ends with a lace see-through bottom, along with patterned soft lace embroidery, this is definitely the feature of the starry wedding gowns that caught the eyes of our brides.

If you look closely, the beadwork on the bodice is abundant to create an glittering effect that reflects the beauty of the galaxy. Although lace is used in this starry wedding gown (and it was something that we weren’t sure to move forward with), we decided to combine both elements of the lace and beadwork and viola!

The illusion backline is also another wedding gown feature that is still raging in trend amongst our brides. Brides who are confident of their backline but are afraid of how it doesn’t offer support in the chest area would love this starry wedding gown from Luminous!

Untitled designLastly, just by looking at the train of the mermaid wedding gown succeeds in melting our hearts. Its decent length is one that fits most wedding venues. It is nothing too grandiose nor over the top, yet its flattering embroidery design is able to feature its distinctive characteristics.

Starry Wedding Gowns From Luminous 2: The Princess’ Pureness

We can’t but think that this gorgeous wedding gown reminds us of the pureness of a princess! The design and cutting of this starry wedding gown is not too out there nor too sexy. Instead, it embodies a touch of sweet innocence.

Untitled design(2)

Its intricate embroidery beadwork in the main portion of the starry wedding gown is main highlight. Designed and sewn on with perfection, its delicateness defines its exquisiteness without a second thought.

If you are a bride who will be wearing this on your wedding day, you need not fret over your waistline. Why? This is because its satin belt is fitted snugly over the waist, which gives your waistline more definition. Your overall figure has a better shape, one that is closer to an hour-glass figure.

Untitled design(3)Its backline is one that should not be missed either. With a low V backline, instead of showing off your cleavage which completely goes against the notion of purity and innocence, you can still bare some skin appropriately! If you are one of those who have flawless and blemish-free back to flaunt, this starry wedding gown would be impeccable for you!


We are extremely excited to showcase our latest bridal gown collection, Luminous. These are our top 3 favourite wedding gowns! In our next article, we will be featuring a whole new set of evening gowns in dazzling colours you can ravish in! Stay tuned for more!


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