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Essential Guide On How To Pick The Right Coloured Bridal Gown For Your Wedding!

Essential Guide On How To Pick The Right Coloured Bridal Gown For Your Wedding!

Are you an adventurous bride who wants to stand out from the crowd and make a statement? White wedding gowns do not excite you and are too run-of-the-mill for you? Do not fret, not all hope is lost because coloured bridal gowns are readily available in the market now! Here are some tips to help you pick out a coloured wedding gown that suits your personality!


#1 Red colored bridal gown

A red coloured bridal gown is for the passionate bride who doesn’t mind standing out among the crowd. Red is a really lovely and luxurious colour for a bridal gown. Plus, it  commands attention and will be suitable for a bride who is brims with confidence. With that being said, there are many different shades of red, so it is important for you to pick out a red bridal gown that fits your skin tone. If you have a cool skin tone, go for red bridal gowns that have a blue base, like that of berry, burgundy and crimson. However, if you are one with a warm tone, go for orange tinted red bridal gowns like cinnamon, copper and vermilion.

red colored bridal gown

#2 Blue colored bridal gown

For the cool brides who like a piece of the sky or the sea on their wedding gown, go for a blue colouured bridal gown that comes with a multitude of undertones or go for a simple design in a strong shade of blue. Blue is also said to convey a sense of trust, loyalty, cleanliness, and understanding. Hence, if these are values that you hold dear to you, why not pick out a blue gown? Do however keep in mind and take into account your skin tone before selecting a blue bridal gown. A blue wedding gown would look exceptionally beautiful on a bride with a medium skin tone, someone who is not too dark or too fair. For the brides with darker skin tone, do try to steer clear of blue coloured bridal gown as its undertone would be closer to your skin tone and it might make your overall appearance look duller!

blue colored bridal gown


#3 Lilac colored bridal gown

Purple seems to be a less popular colour of choice for bridal gowns amongst brides in Singapore. It could be that purples dresses tend to look duller and might cause one to look much older than she is. However, if your favourite colour is purple and would like to be dressed in a purple bridal gown without looking twice your age, then you should perhaps take a look at lilac coloured bridal gowns! Lilac is a really sweet colour and it fits perfectly into the pastel trend that is on the runways and the streets nowadays. The Academy Award winning actress Julianne Moore was also spotted in a lilac bridal gown on her wedding day. So what is there not to love about a lilac bridal gown!

lilac colored bridal gown

#4 Yellow colored bridal gown

If everyone around you tends to call you Miss Sunshine or Miss Happy-Go-Lucky and you know that you are the happy pill in your clique, then a yellow colored bridal gown is the one for you. Being donned in a yellow dress, you are sure to light up the entire ballroom during your wedding day. Also, for brides with darker skin tone, a yellow colored bridal gown is one that will certainly complement your skin tone. Choose any shade of yellow from pale to bright, it will surely not disappoint you if you are one who is more tanned.

yellow colored bridal gown

#5 Coral colored bridal gown

Pink tends to be the colour of choice for most brides who want to venture out of the regular white wedding gown. If you really like pink but want to opt for a shade that is quite different from the other brides, then you should certainly consider a coral colored bridal gown. Coral, a pink shade with salmon undertone is really major on the Spring Summer 2016 runway. Coral dresses are seen on dresses at Alexis Mabille, blouses in Chanel as well as spaghetti strap dresses at Emporio Armani. Therefore, if you are a fashion forward bride who always has her pulse on the latest fashion trend, a coral bridal gown is the one for you to best represent yourself on your wedding day.

coral colored bridal gown

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