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Essential Questions You Should Ask And Check With Your Wedding Photographer Part I

Essential Questions You Should Ask And Check With Your Wedding Photographer Part I

This week’s blog article is a continuation of our previous article last week. If you were enlightened by the questions you should ask and check with your wedding photographer we have shared last week, then all the more you should read on.

We have discovered many must-ask questions in order for you to make an informed decision before engaging the right wedding photographer. As you may have heard of horror stories about the nightmares some wedding couples have faced with their wedding photography, we are pretty certain you wouldn’t want to find yourself in their shoes right?

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Question For Your Wedding Photographer #1: What is included in your wedding photography package?

Previously, one of the essential questions we said to ask your wedding photographer is to inquire about his service fee. While that is highly encouraged and a prudent thing to know before proceeding, that is not all. For wedding couples to be able to decide if their money would be well-spent, one of the important considerations is to know what the wedding photography package includes.

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Similar to your bridal package, a wedding photography package usually covers these fundamentals, such as wedding albums, number of photographs in both raw and edited versions, number of hard copies of the photographs and so forth.

Some wedding photography packages also include extra coverage such as engagement shoots.

The thing about wedding photography is that there are two types of wedding photography. One being a pre-wedding photography while the other is your actual wedding day photography. These are the common terms and “wedding lingo” that most brides use. It would be best to state what kind of wedding photography you are going for. That way, you will be shown the right portfolio and wedding photography services included in them.

With knowledge and better understanding of the wedding photography package, you would then also be in a better decision to compare this with other packages you have shortlisted.

Question For Your Wedding Photographer #2: How many hours of coverage do we get? What is the charge for overtime?

Another important question to ask is how many hours of coverage is included in his package. A common reference point is that most half-day wedding photography duration includes 5 hours while a full-day wedding photography is around 10 hours. Of course, in between when your wedding photographer takes a break, say for lunch or to prepare same-day-edit photo slide, such durations may not be counted towards the package duration. However, just to be on the safe side, clarify this with your wedding photographer.

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Untitled design(23)Knowing and understanding the wedding photography coverage and if overtime is chargeable greatly assist you in planning your schedule better. For example, if the wedding photography package includes a 5-hour coverage, but the overtime charges are exorbitantly high, then you might have them leave after you cut the wedding cake or after the last dance. On the other hand, you may also opt for a longer duration package and pay a little more just to avoid the high overtime charges later.

Question For Your Wedding Photographer #3: Will there be a second wedding photographer?

There are a few reasons why we think that this question is essential to ask your wedding photographer as well. Firstly, for your actual wedding day, you may prefer to capture both the groom and bride’s side at their respective houses before the groom fetches the bride. Hence, a second wedding photographer may come in handy.

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Untitled design(21)Another reason is having a second photographer allows him to capture the main highlights of the wedding beautifully while the main photographer stretches his/her creativity in creating unique shots.

A second photographer can also be on a standby mode if the main photographer is unable to make it to the wedding at the very last minute. While it may not be the ideal situation, this is at least better than nothing. A backup photographer is very very important during emergency times like this.

However, a second photographer would also mean higher costs involved. Hence, whether a second photographer is really necessary depends on the size of your wedding, your wedding budget and the working chemistry between the main and second photographers. If your wedding is going to be a small cozy and intimate affair, then having a second photographer may not be necessary.

In relation to the working chemistry between the two wedding photographers, the thing is that some photographers are more comfortable working solo while others are good with working with a second photographer to cover different angles. If you are intending to engage a second photographer from a different company, you may want to bear in mind that the main wedding photographer may not be comfortable with that idea as well as working with him.

This in turn creates problems such as complication and miscommunications, especially if one of the wedding photographers get in the way of the other (with no ill intentions, of course).

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We hope that the above-mentioned questions are useful in providing you an idea of what questions to ask your wedding photographer and what to look out for! We think that these are the important considerations you need to bear in mind and think through before engaging your wedding photographer!

Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services!

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