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Essential Questions You Should Ask And Check With Your Wedding Photographer Part I

Essential Questions You Should Ask And Check With Your Wedding Photographer Part I

When it comes to wedding photography, we understand how soon-to-wed couples can be clueless as it would be their first experience. Hence, to help you understand better of what should be your baseline for your expectations, these are some essential questions you should ask and check with your wedding photographer. Of course, you should clarify and verify these questions prior to engaging him for his wedding photography services.

Now let’s take a look at what you should be checking with your wedding photographer before deciding to engage him…

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Question For Your Wedding Photographer #1: How Much Is His Wedding Photography Service Fee?

Money, money, money. Sorry to say that wedding-related services usually require you to spend a few thousands. This means that you would most probably set aside a sum of money and carefully plan and allocate your financial resources.

Therefore, being practical, we think that this is by far the most important essential question you should first ask and check before engaging a wedding photographer. This is especially crucial if you are determined and disciplined enough to strictly stick to your wedding budget, which should be the case. Otherwise, it is meaningless to have a wedding budget but yet not following it at all. If you have decided to exceed your budget allocated for your wedding photography, this means that you need to cut down on expenditure elsewhere in your wedding planning. It could mean to hold your wedding at another venue or perhaps doing away with a dessert table or photo booth services.

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Also, because photography, and in particular wedding photography, requires a special set of skills that is both physically and mentally gruesome. Hence, wedding photographers can charge exorbitantly high which you should always check first.

Question For Your Wedding Photographer #2: Does Your Photography Style Match Our Preference?

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The most horrific thing that can happen to your wedding photography is that what you are presented by the wedding photographer is not something you want or like. This poses a huge headache for both you and your wedding photographer. On one hand, you would have already paid him his service engagement fee which may be difficult to ask for a refund, secondly, if the wedding photographer was engaged for your actual wedding day, surely there will not be another chance to repeat the whole wedding day again… Whereas for your wedding photographer, he would most probably be reluctant to redo everything again since he would have invested all the time, effort and money to produce those wedding photographs…

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Untitled design(13)In order to prevent such situation from occurring, the bottomline is to set yourexpectations right from the start. More importantly, make them known to your wedding photographer. For example, if you prefer a more vintage rustic style for your pre-wedding photography, tell your wedding photographer! In this way, not only can he better prepare himself with the relevant editing and filters, he may also provide suggestions as to the photoshoot locations and even what props to bring along to complement the style and ambience!

However, before you can set your expectations, you need to know what you want. By saying that, this means that you need to do some homework over at your end first. With everything just a click away, search for wedding photography themes, designs, styles, locations, props and so forth. Once you have an idea of what your preference is, have a discussion with your wedding photographer to see if he has the confidence, experience and skills to meet your expectations.

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Untitled design(10)Question For Your Wedding Photographer #3: How Long Does it Take For The Wedding Photographs To Be Ready?

We are certain that all newly weds are excited to receive their beautiful wedding photographs. This is especially significant if you are intending to display your pre-wedding photographs and albums at the reception on your wedding day. Your wedding photographs must be ready by then. Hence, if you have your pre-wedding photography taken too last and close to your wedding day or if your wedding photographer is unable to commit to that timeline, you my have to reconsider engaging him.

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Typically, the waiting time is approximately within two to three months. However, factors such as peak or non-peak wedding seasons, the schedule of your wedding photographer as well as contractual terms need to be taken in account. All these factors do actually play a part in impacting your waiting time.

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We hope that the above-mentioned questions are useful in providing you an idea of what questions to ask your wedding photographer and what to look out for! We will continue with other important considerations you need to bear in mind and think it through before engaging your wedding photographer!


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