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Essential Tips On How You Can Best Flaunt Your Best Assets In Your Wedding Gown!

Essential Tips On How You Can Best Flaunt Your Best Assets In Your Wedding Gown!

Here are the biggest truths about wedding gowns:

  1. The wrong wedding gown can throw your confidence out of the building.
  2. Choosing a wedding gown comprises three ‘E’ elements: Excitement, Exhaustion and Exercise. Keep in mind that the average weight of a wedding gown is 7kg and imagine trying on at least 5 gowns in the span of 2 to 3 hours.
  3. The bride should be the most beautiful lady at the wedding. Any other girl who attempts to outshine the bride will be thrown out of the wedding

Okay the last bit about throwing that girl out of the wedding might be a little too much, but hey! The main point is how this is your wedding and you should be taking the centre stage! You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable in a wedding gown or feel that it is hiding an essential part of your confidence. What does this mean? One example is how you are proud of your collarbones and yet your wedding gown is designed with a full covered neckline.

We understand the flutters in your tummy when you think about the wedding day – part nerves and part excitement. It is always true the average bride feels self-conscious in one way or another. Not to worry, the best way to overcome that insecure feeling is by ensuring that you are dressed in a gown that best complements you and would show off your best assets. Here’s a guide of what you should go, according to a list of assets you would most likely to be proud of!

Are You That Bride With Those Model-Like Legs?

Common comment by your folks: “Your legs so long and nice leh! I want them so badly!”

You are such a lucky bride for being blessed with such long legs (psst the average height of a female Singaporean is measured at 1.55m!). Although you probably struggle towering most people, but your model-like legs will always be the envy of the girls you walk past on the streets.

For the ladies who are blessed with long toned legs, flaunt those legs of yours and slip into a gown with high slits that comes up to your thigh or just go all out and be in a short dress that cuts 1 to 2 inches above your knees. To further bring attention to your long legs, you can also opt for a dress that is slightly more covered at the top to prevent your arms and neckline from competing with your gorgeous legs for attention.

If you want to enjoy the feeling of wearing a long bridal gown while showing your legs off, you can opt for a bridal gown with a long skirt and a high slit at the side! Note that such designs may not be very common as most bridal gowns and wedding gowns come in full floor-length skirts.

wedding gown rental singapore model legs

Are You That Bride With That Sexy Back?

Common comment from your folks: Your back is so smooth like a baby’s bottom! Look at mine. So many pimples and marks!

Of course, a toned back comes with a lot more effort, aside not picking on it and nourishing it with the right products. Doing the right exercises has helped sculpted your back muscles and it has definitely paid off when people gush how sexy your back is when you wear backless tops.

For brides who belong in this category and would like to highlight your back, a backless wedding dress or one with intricate back details is the way to go. Having a wedding dress that plunges all the way down to the small of your back will sure draw attention to that alluring back of yours.

If you are less comfortable with baring your back, you can possibly opt for the option of having a dress that is slightly sheer and has intricate details at the back, drawing attention to your best asset yet at the same time not showing too much skin!

backless bridal gowns rental singapore

Are You That Bride Who Is Labelled As Bootilicious?

Common comment from the folks: Your pigu hen yuan, ke yi shen hai zi! (this is the part when you roll your eyes because this joke is so old. However, deep inside lies a sense of pride towards your full bottom!

You probably have friends who keep smacking your butt when you don yourself in tight pants or skirts. It can be annoying at times (especially when you least expect it, like at the pantry or something) but you know your rounded bottom has turned heads from both genders.

If you have that curvy and sexy bottom, then you will sure have to flaunt them! Be dressed in a wedding gown that fits tightly with some ruching on the side to show off your enviable asset. A wedding dress with a mermaid cut will further accentuate your figure by pulling in tight near your bottom and then flaring out below the knees. If you want to draw attention to your bottom but not too much, then you can opt for a wedding gown in mermaid cut that stops below the back of your bottom.

body hugging wedding gown singapore

Are You That Bride With That Set Of Slender Arms?

Common comments from the folks: Wah look at my butterfly arms! So flabby and soft, unlike yours. You confirm look good in sleeveless tops la!

With your enviable slender arms, it is not unusual that ladies envy how great you look in sleeveless tops! You feel especially confident when you are don in an outfit that highlights your slim arms!

Your options of wedding gowns should always bring everybody’s eyes to your slender arms! Dress yourself in an off-shoulder, tube or toga wedding gown. Wedding dresses with these cuts will better draw attention to your sexy arms, making you a more confident bride.

slender arms wedding gown singapore

If you don’t wish to go for a wedding gown that reveals too much, then you can opt for wedding gowns with full sleeves! Note that the sleeves should be tight fitting; otherwise there might be an overwhelming effect. 

long sleeved wedding gowns singapore

Are You That Bride With The Tiny Waist?

Comment comments from the folks: Aiyo your waist is so tiny! I can easily wrap my arms around it…TWICE!

Having a small waist is considered as one of the world’s sought after feature! The fact that you have a slender waistline means you have definitely subconsciously attracted most people’s attention from their devices and distractions.

Since you have such a tiny waist that everyone is lusting after, further accentuate it by donning a dress that cinches in at the waist or you may consider a dress with a basque waistline. The basque waist is a style that most princesses and ballerinas go for as it helps to further elongate their torso and would hence highlight the slim waistline that they possess.

wedding gown singapore tiny waist

Are You That Bride With The Ample Chest?

Common comments from the folks: Your chest is really full! Why don’t want to wear super low cut tops ah?

While you have probably been ridiculed at for being well endowed and have to work doubly hard to prove that just because you have an ample chest, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are a daft bimbo who doesn’t know how to differentiate a tuna and chicken. You also have to explain that it doesn’t make sense to always wear low cut tops, unless the occasion calls for it.

That being said, you should feel absolutely proud of your chest! Not many ladies are blessed in that area and you shouldn’t feel that it is a hindrance just because of the stereotypes of ladies with big boobs.

If you feel confident of your cleavage, then go ahead and flaunt them! You can do so with a wedding dress that has a plunging neckline or a more pronounced neckline. If you are afraid that a dress with a plunging neckline might be showing too much, you can always go for wedding gowns with sweetheart neckline or square necklines. That will definitely showcase your cleavage without giving them all away. You can even add in a long statement necklace to cover up some of the skin yet at the same time draw enough attention to your best assets.

wedding gown singapore for the well endowed

Try not to opt for wedding gowns that have full necklines! Not only does it make your breasts look bigger, but it will make you appear overwhelmed.

Are You That Bride With The Set Of Slender Shoulders & Beautiful Collarbones?

Common comments from the folks: Your collarbones look great in any kind of top! I wished I had them…

You can never run away from compliments when you wear a top that reveals your set of collarbones. Although here might be some people who comment on how they protrude out a little too much, you know that it is something that most people want to have!

With your slender shoulders, you can afford to explore any kind of neckline! Flaunt your neckline in a sweetheart wedding gown, or go for a wedding gown with a boat neckline, which can be difficult to pull off! But with your slender shoulders and collarbones, you will definitely look classy!

wedding gowns singapore rental for nice shoulders


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