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Ask Yourself These 5 Essential Wedding Gown Related Questions Before Confirming On The One

Ask Yourself These 5 Essential Wedding Gown Related Questions Before Confirming On The One

Often, brides have that love-at-first-sight moment when they see the perfect wedding gown! It makes them think of how mesmerised her groom will be when she walks down the aisle in that perfect wedding gown.

However, the search for the perfect wedding gown isn’t that easy! Brides will soon realise that the love-at-first-sight moments happen with varied wedding gown designs.

The hardest part comes when you have to select among a few wedding dresses. Should you go with the sexy bridal number, or the elegant off-shoulder wedding gown? And what happens when you pick the wrong wedding gown design?

Well, you will be mulling over the whole time, even after your big day has ended. So, to help you along with the selection, we have compiled a list of five essential wedding gown related questions to help you select the wedding gown for you!

Five Essential Wedding Gown Related Questions #1 – Do I Feel Confident In The Wedding Gown?

Oftentimes, you’ll enter a bridal boutique with a certain wedding dress style in mind. While it is always great to be prepared and well-researched, know that the dress you have in mind might not be suitable for your body. Some were made to flatter taller brides, and some for curvier ones.

When trying different wedding gowns, it is good to compare on how you feel when you are in them. Does it highlight the features you are more confident in? Does it flaunt your neckline and arms the way you want it to be?

When there is that sense of confidence, then naturally you would be confident on your big day. That way, it will translate into a beautiful glow on your face, which would definitely look good at any angle!

Five Essential Wedding Gown Related Questions #2 – Do I feel Like A Different Person In The Wedding Gown?

No doubt that every wedding gown is beautiful on its own. But every wedding dress design would elicit different feelings. Some might make you feel too cutesy, some make you feel you are trying too hard or too little! At the end of the day, what you need to feel is that you are still yourself in the wedding gown design.

Think about the theme you wish to go for – is it elegant, sexy, or cute? No matter what you choose, make sure that you feel like an enhanced version of yourself, and not uncomfortably like someone else!

The last thing you want is to feel stressed, no? Do yourself a favour by selecting a wedding gown that speaks YOU!

Five Essential Wedding Gown Related Questions #3 – Did I Choose The Wedding Gown For Myself OR For Others?

Remember how you regretted buying a certain blouse because your friends thought it looked better on you? Always keep in mind that ultimately, you are the bride and you know your body the best! Choose a wedding gown that you feel beautiful in, and not the one your bridal entourage prefers!Feel Confident In Your Wedding Dress

Of course, sometimes your friends know you better than you know yourself. If it helps, you can bring one to two honest friends you trust to give helpful suggestions.

Five Essential Wedding Gown Related Questions #4 – Does My Wedding Gown Fit The Wedding Venue?

Outdoor weddings are becoming increasingly popular. We all love a pretty garden party, but you need to know if alterations to the hem can be made to your selected gown! Stains on long hems will be a sight you should avoid especially for outdoor weddings!

Also, if you have to move around much in your wedding gown, certain necklines, such as the off-shoulder neckline, might potentially restrict arm movement. Do discuss with your bridal boutique about the potential consequences that alterations may impose on mobility!

Off-Shoulder Wedding Gown

Five Essential Wedding Gown Related Questions #5 – Am I Settling For The Wedding Gown Design For The Sake Of It?

Trying wedding gowns after wedding gowns can be a tedious process. Some brides end up feeling fatigued, and choose an acceptable wedding gown to end the shopping process early. You surely would not want to lose the excitement of wearing the perfect wedding gown on your special day!

Do Not Settle

We suggest making early reservations on weekdays, where the bridal boutique will be emptier. This allows you to slowly browse through the wide selection of gowns without feeling the wedding pressure. Trust us, an off-day from work will definitely do your selection process good.

With these five essential wedding gown related questions in mind, we are sure selecting your final wedding gown will be easier! Make an appointment with us here now if you want to know more about our bridal services!

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